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QotD: One Question Each

Question: If you were a special guest star during the Presidential debates, and had but one question to ask each candidate, what would you ask them?

My Answer: I can't think of anything to ask Bush, so I'd waste my question on him to amuse myself. Nearly everything has been asked of Kerry except for one thing that matters to me, and so I'd ask him about guns:
Bush: What is the square root of 81?
Kerry: What is your position on firearm ownership, and what criminology studies do you have to strengthen your position?

I haven't checked in on the NRA, but what little reading I've done on their stance on gun ownership belies an ignorant, typically Democratic take on things. One that ignores the studies of criminologists and relies on a dead 5-year old somewhere to tug at heartstrings despite the facts.

State your questions, talk about their aims, but do not question or criticize the comments of others.

You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

10 Responses to "QotD: One Question Each"

  1. I'd like to ask Bush how many times he's been arrested.

  2. Hmm, that sounded like potential flamebait, and that wasn't my intent. A bit of an explanation: apparently, Michael Kostiw quit as the director of the CIA 1981 since he had shoplifted. If the third-ranking man in the CIA has to quit over shoplifting, how is Bush fitting as a president if he's been arrested three times? (Theft, disorderly conduct and driving under influence.)

    I'd like to ask him how many times he's been arrested, and get a straight answer without trying to dodge and avoid the question.

  3. Bush: You have run on the official platform as being against abortion, and many people vote for you because your position on this issue. Yet you haven't done anything in the past 4 years to reduce or ban abortion. Why should the people for whom this is an important position support you in this year's election?

    Kerry: You have stated you would like some sort of Federal aid for health care. Which countries with government sponsored health care have you researched and what did you like and dislike about each system?

  4. To Bush: You've changed the rationale for going to war many, many times, each time being disproved. Why did you really go to war in Iraq?

    To Kerry: Just how the hell are you going to pay for all of this?

  5. Bush: during your first term, you have shown that your primary goal seems to be liberating other countries from their dictators, where my definition of a dictator is somebody who forces his will upon his people (e.g. abortion, gay marriages), cuts the personal freedom (PATRIOT act, DMCA) and invades other countries deliberately without consent of international organizations like the UN (attempted legislation for invading the Netherlands if a US soldier is taken to court in The Hague, the Iraq war). Religious emphasis for the reasons of going to war is a plus. Almost 60 years ago, the US have helped to liberate Germany from a really cruel dictator. When is it time to return that favor?

    Kerry: in order to show that you are a worthy successor of Dubya, what is your plan regarding the invasion of other "evil" countries, say Iran, Lybia, France or Germany?

  6. Oh yeah, a question for Kerry as well.

    Every president gets left with the messes of the previous presidents. As much as I oppose the war in Iraq, I realize that the US army is committed now and can't just pack their bags and leave. I'd like to know about Kerry's short- and long-term plans for Iraq.

  7. Bush: Is it ok if I date one of your daughters?

    Kerry: Did you think that Iraq and Saddam Hussein were the most serious and imminent threat like your VP choice John Edwards thought?

  8. Bush: Republicans have traditionally run as the party of smaller government and fiscal responsibility. Given this, how do you justify the current U.S. budget deficit, and should we expect the deficit to grow at the same rate over the next four years if you are re-elected?

    Kerry: What is your plan to reduce the nation's dependence on foreign oil?

  9. QotD from NSLog;()

    I'll take a shot:

    Question: If you were a special guest star during the Presidential debates, and had but one question to ask each candidate, what would you ask them?

    1. Bush: What was the main reason you waged war on Iraq, and what proof do you...

  10. Last I checked most democrats were for gun control. Please explain how you feel that the NRA has a Democratic stance on gun control. I ask this becasue it seems that you are classifying Democrats as ignorant. I could say the same about Republicans. I don't say it because I feel that Republicans have some things right and Democrats others and both are ignorant on a huge number of issues.

    As for the questions, bah. I could care less. Honestly I think neither is fit for office, but unfortunately one of them is going to be the next POTUS.

    But one question I would like answered is this. Why is it that the United States is the target of so many terrorist attacks? The UK is targetted mostly by the Irish (and from what I've read for good reason - targetted, not the actual action). I want to know how we can justify taking drastic militaristic action against a nation and then setting up a new government which will do the same thing over again (keep in mind that Saddam was a US supported head of state at one point - or that Osama was trained by our CIA to combat the Russians in Afghanistan). I very much support a country that's isolationist in action but outspoken on the stance it takes on an issue.