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Comment Policy

My comment policy is rather simple. If you're a reasonable person, you won't have any trouble.

I may edit comments when…

  • the comment contains misspelled words or bad grammar.
  • the comment contains some moderate HTML flaws ((Please use the <p> tag inside of <blockquote> tags to save me the trouble, or the handy "Quote Me" links I've provided (via a plugin). Wrap links in <a href=""></a>, mmmmk?))
  • the commenter asks me to edit the post to correct something.
  • the comment is "signed." Don't include your name at the end of your comment - it will appear with your comment if you've filled out the "Name" text field.

I will delete comments when…

  • it's spam.
  • the comment is so grotesquely malformed that I don't want to spend the time to fix it.
  • the comment contains little or no content except a link to another site. If you want to tell me you've blogged about one of my entries, send a ping/trackback.
  • the commenter unnecessarily insults others. Insulting ideas, actions, and even beliefs is usually fine. Just don't insult the actual people ((Doing something stupid is not the same thing as being stupid.)).
  • the comment adds no value to the discussion or is off-topic ((This is at my discretion, you bet, but it's my blog.)).
  • the comment contains excessively inappropriate language.
  • the commenter does not leave a valid email address. ((I only expend the necessary energy to determine the validity of an email address by one of two methods: a) it's obvious (i.e. "") or b) I reply and it bounces.))

You can disagree with me all you want. This blog has hundreds of comments that disagree with something I've said. Just do so with some level of respect, and talk about what was said, not the person who said them.

Legal Mumbo Jumbo
By commenting on this blog, you grant me perpetual use to the content of your comment.

Comments are closed.

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