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I may amend this from time to time, but currently, these are the items on various wishlists. Feel free to be generous. 😉


  • A good car-audio solution for the iPod. Why can't Apple just make a stereo too?
  • Another Apple LCD and the desk space to use it.
  • I'll always take iTunes gift certificates.
  • A Mac Mini that plays Blu-Ray and DVD to replace my up-scaling DVD player and provide a little more functionality without taking up more space or receiver inputs.


  • Anything on my B&H Wish List.

Random Stuff

  • Whatever is on my Amazon wishlist. Not that I keep it up-to-date.
  • A PS3, both for testing with some software we're writing as well as to replace my up-scaling DVD player. May as well now that HD-DVD is dead.

Pie in the Sky

  • Erie to emerge from the technological black hole in which it currently exists with little to no HD (and not even much DT), poor cell phone coverage, FiOS due dates of 2097, and absolutely no high-tech market. Plus, no Apple store.

6 Responses to "Wishlist"

  1. lol.. I need to make one of these. Good luck with FiOS.. I don't forsee Indiana getting it for another 100 years or so either.

  2. 😯 wow i want those too!! were alike

  3. [...] Wishlist [...]

  4. I grew up in Erie. I went to Iroquois. I found your blog via Sylvan. I don't live there anymore. I am also a teacher, who could not find a job. 😥 So now I live Maryland.

    I agree about Erie being a black hole. While my cell phone works pretty well, it seems everything else is a few months (perhaps years) behind civilization. We are an apple family. My dad especially LOVES apple computers and all that goes with it. My dad is also Vexed about the lack of apple store in Erie.

  5. Stumbled on your blog whilst looking for ClickToFlash. I have lived in St. Louis a long time, & it must be like where you live. Cell service can be really bad, or very expensive. What people here call high-speed 'net service would make people laugh in other parts of the country.

    Apple did finally come to St. Louis, and like some of your other contributors, my family has been an Apple family. I've even converted a PC user to a Mac user. I pass my older systems & hardware on to children, or adults who are ill, spreading the GUI far & wide.

    Thanks again for the info on ClickToFlash. I discovered the software on MacIntouch. When I Googled the name, I found your blog.

  6. The new iMac 27" looks really promising. I never seen a 2560 x 1440 resolution either and I could use it with my PC also. It's like getting a mac with the monitor that is the best around the town. This list seems outdated but I strongly advice going the ps3 way now that it's smaller and better looking with the new slim version. I see you are a xbox man with the avatar but you really can't use that machine to watch movies cause it's so loud it hurts my ears. The new movie rental with full hd works pretty well though.