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Fixing Safari on Monterey?

Code on GitHub

AppleScripting Do Not Disturb Mode in Big Sur (macOS 11.0)

Is it possible to AppleScript or use a shell script or programmatically turn on (and off) Do Not Disturb mode in Big Sur (macOS 11.x)?

This GitHub project worked in 10.14 and 10.15 but requires more than we're willing to do to work around it in Big Sur.

Any ideas?

P.S. Will look at this but I don't think it's any better. Just no time to look at the code right now.

I Love Me Some Bad Game Videos

Natalie and I laughed like nutjobs one Christmas at the bad surgery video game videos.

The Grouch

Kinda wish we had something like this for Catalina…

My blog is 17 years old tomorrow.

Two Steve Jobs Videos

2019 Glasses/Contacts Eye Prescription

So… it's been awhile. I don't think I wrote my 2015 prescription down, nor my switch to the Oakley Barrelhouse 0.5 frames. I'm sticking with the same frames (in a "matte midnight" color, which has a strong blue tint to it).

My prescription and eyesight actually improved quite a bit. I was -1.25 in both eyes, and am now -1.00 in the right and -0.50 in the left. I hadn't noticed before how bad my eyesight had gotten (with my glasses) out of my left eye, but now I can see it… Anyway:

Left:SPH -0.50, CYL -2.50, AX 143
Right: SPH -1.00, CYL -2.50, AX 50

In contacts that's a Softlens 66 Toric at -100/-050, -225 x 50/150.

Mojave Boots Right Through Single User Mode

In trying to troubleshoot my two-month-old MacBook Pro with TouchBar (2018)1, I tried booting into Single User Mode. This had previously worked, but for some reason, it now boots right through it. The text appears on the screen, small like always, and then I get the progress bar and the computer prompts me to log in with the normal login screen.

The MacBook Pro has a T2 chip and thus has the boot security, but those are set to Full Security.

FileVault is not enabled. I've checked that a few times.

I'm not sure what's going on here, but the inability to boot into Single User Mode (cmd-S during startup) is troubling.

  1. The front-right USB-C port has never worked - no power, no data, nothing. []

SpamSieve Stats March, 2017

I have to reset SpamSieve - my corpus is so old and so weighted toward what spam used to be that it's not as effective as it can/should be now, so I thought I'd do this one last time.

Filtered Mail
500,274 Good Messages
707,627 Spam Messages (59%)
154 Spam Messages Per Day

SpamSieve Accuracy
2,233 False Positives
6,542 False Negatives (75%)
99.3% Correct

23,729 Good Messages
29,724 Spam Messages (56%)
2,895,339 Total Words

34 Blocklist Rules
24,821 Whitelist Rules

Showing Statistics Since
8/24/04, 8:00 PM

I'm a little sad. 2004 was a long time ago.

Fixing the and Safari Problem

dscacheutil -flushcache

That's apparently all it takes. A more permanent (actual) fix in Safari is on its way.

I hope this also fixes the delay in loading actual Twitter pages, too, like Lowest Score Wins (@LowScoreWins) | Twitter.

Source: How to fix the Twitter problem

Super Bowl

Vegas wins again: the Panthers were vastly over-rated, and were panicked and confused when they were down.

One has to wonder how the game would have gone if that catch that was upheld as an incompletion would have been ruled, IMO, correctly as a catch. The Panthers wouldn't have been so close to the goal line, would have been moving the football, and… things might have been quite different.


The new fitness crazy (not the one that's currently out there). Invented today by me with input from Jason and Dave. 🙂

Cleaning and Orthodontia?

The dentist visit a few weeks ago was just to update the smaller X-Rays. Today was my cleaning. Same grades - not great, not terrible. The woman had to use the electric scaler briefly. That thing sounds so much worse than it is, but in some ways, it feels better than something just scraping along. The former sounds more like a power drill (it sounds like you're having some serious work done) while the latter is closer to nails on a chalkboard.

I also made an appointment with my daughter's orthodontist for next week. I hear they can do some pretty intense things with Invisalign these days1 With my bottom left wisdom tooth coming out in a few weeks, I'm curious - not at all hopeful, though, really - what they can do.

  1. My wife reminds me that she heard they can shave your teeth a little bit, too, though. []


The Phantom is now only about $1250, but the new top-of-the-line quadcopter is about $5k. Ouch.

Maybe the LSW DVDs will sell really well… 😉 Or someone will want to trade a new Inspire 1 Pro for about 50 hours of golf lessons. 🙂

RoadTools PodiumPad

I'm bummed. The PodiumPad has been a great thing I've used for over a decade. I wanted to pick up one or two more, but the domain name is no longer responding or active.

The whois entry is still active, though.

The Dentist

So, I had my first trip to the dentist in, well, more than six months. More than seven, even… 😛

Predictably, things weren't as good as they should have been, but they weren't what I'd call bad. Internally, I'm telling myself that it's far worse than it was, too, as motivation to do a better job. I've always had a hard time caring about my teeth since the orthodontist screwed up when I was a kid. I followed his instructions to the letter (my parents were paying a good amount of money after all!), and my teeth migrated right back.

One of the lasting things… my last wisdom tooth (bottom left) is coming out. It's always tough to brush1, and it's always been crowding the other teeth. This will now make eight teeth I've had removed for crowding.

  1. I've resorted to using a child's toothbrush to reach the back teeth as much as possible - the smaller brush head makes this easier and makes me less likely to gag. []