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QotD: XBox 360

Question: Can anyone tell me why I shouldn't get an XBox 360?

My Answer: I'm jumping ahead on the QotDs to post this one two days ahead of time, I know, but with the Nintendo console not slated to come out until 2006… why should I wait? I realize MS is the evil empire and all that, but it's just a gaming console… and they typically sell below cost, so technically I'm hurting MS, right?

Maybe "I don't even play the consoles I have now" is as good a reason as there is…

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9 Responses to "QotD: XBox 360"

  1. I think you have the right idea. Wait until you really feel like you're missing something by not having a new console, then buy it. You'll not only appreciate it more, but I imagine that with your new spread you're not going to have as much free time as you think you will.

    And I think you're only hurting the empire by buying the machine until you start buying games anyway.

  2. All I know is that I'm looking forward to someone writing something to get my iLife stuff onto my Xbox 360.

  3. Maybe because you have more important things to spend money on... 😉

  4. Ignore the not-yet-wife. She's just full of craaaaaaazy talk! 🙂

  5. Oooh, here's one good reason:

    Perrin Kaplan, Nintendo's vice president for corporate affairs, said GameCube's successor would be "very, very sleek." She described it as horizontal and no taller than a stack of three DVD cases.Unlike GameCube, the new system will play DVD's, Ms. Kaplin said, and will feature a wireless controller. It will play GameCube games as well as a new class of high-definition games, with new emphasis on online play.

  6. Ugh!

    If you buy this you still have to get a subscription to Norton Antivirus for XBox 360... 😉

    Think about it: The world's fastest always networked virus factory in the world. Why can't it only play video games?

  7. I have a Gamecube, PS2 and Xbox. I also have a N64, PSX and DC. Game Boys from every generation. I don't have a PSP or DS. I didn't grow up playing 'tendo though I always wanted to. I did have an Atari 2600 and my first pooter was a C64 which had tons of games. I bought a SNES in college but never played it much (not for lack of interest, I didnt have time or money).

    Sitting here on the eve of the next generation of consoles I'm not into it as much as I used to be. I married 2 years ago-- wonderful woman with 3 boys. I've got 100+ games for my Gamecube, PS2 and Xbox. Most are probably PS2 games, followed by Gamecube and last, Xbox. I bought the Gamecube out of pocket on launch day. The PS2 was purchased a year after launch with extra gift cash burning a hole in my pocket. Xbox, I won in a contest, otherwise I probably would never have owned one. I've enjoyed them all, but the Gamecube is probably the system I've enjoyed the most. In the PSX days I was into RPGs, playing just about ever CRPG worth playing. Don't have time for that any more...

    The Xbox has never delivered any title I just had to have. Okay, there was Fable, I thought I had to have it but it turned out to be bland. The rest of my Xbox titles are primarily 3rd party games that would have been just as enjoyable on PS2 or Gamecube but being on Xbox had a slight (and usually, slight is still an exaggeration) advantage over the PS2 or Gamecube versions.

    Plus, have you read about Microsoft's big micro-payment plan for Live? Want that dream car in [unknown racing game]? Sure! Just pay $5.00. Or how about a BFG9000K weapon in [nexgen3d shooter]? Just pay $3.00! Not too thrilled about that, if they actually pull it off. Though, I never used Live more than twice before. I tried that mech game, whatever it was called, with a friend in Memphis. We were both very much looking forward to it. But then we got into it, joined a game and oh good grief... the rox3r d00dz were too much to handle. I'm all for smack talk with friends, but not from strangers that are half my age with only a few measly braincells pumping away at 8 watts. YMMV.

    So, yeah, I read some of the Xbox 360 hype this morning and it pulled me in. But as soon as I closed Quicktime the excitement starting trickling away. I have serious doubts about Microsoft's 2nd gen console. Remember, with everything Microsoft its the 3rd time that's a charm. Do we really want them taking over the console biz? They seem determined to do so. When they have hit #1, what's the competition going to be like a few years later? Will there be any serious competition? I know, I know, Nintendo is in for ever and Sony is big, bad and serious too. But this is Microsoft... remember Lotus? WordPerfect? Netscape? Etc, etc?

    Way, way, way too long of a post here... 🙂

  8. here's a possibly intriguing reason to not go the 360 route: this article is relatively convincing for me. 🙂 far as these 1-year-too-soon-to-truely-matter speculations go. 🙂

    ...hey, Geoff:

    Remember Windows 3.1? 95? 2000? ME? XP?

    ...for every Microsoft triumph, one could list at least 50 shit MS products. and if MS Word and IE are your ideas of successes, then i dont think i'll be buying a 360. 😛 crappier products usually win the battle, but that doesn't mean i should run out and buy them (i'll wait until it's either genuinely good, or it's the only option left. the latter is a bit more likely.)

    MS hating aside, the 360 looks interesting, but it appears the PS3 is on top of the one-up battle this time around. I, personally, would like to be surprised and see Nintendo come out on top, but i'm not holding my breath.

  9. It sounds more gimmick-laden than good to me.

    The wireless controllers are a neat gimmick, but when I've tried wireless controllers in my home all my other wireless toys have overpowered and shutdown the wavebird, etc. I do just fine with controller extension cords if I need extra length.

    High Definition? That is really 'cool' I'll admit, but I also think it is gimmicky too. I'd like a system to come out with 20+ really classic games before moving on to the next system. I know it is fun to see awesome sights and hear great audio, but after a few hours I become jaded and it goes back to the bottom line ... gameplay.

    I've noticed that even with all three major consoles, I spend a decent amount of time playing my GameBoy SP. Obviously, Gameboy puts out crappy games too, but there are some games that so much fun that it doesn't matter that the graphics are akin to a Super Nintendo.

    Ultimately, I want to spend less money and have more fun with games that I don't have to play for stretches beyond 30 minutes at a time to enjoy with friends.

    This is why I think that Nintendo's Gamecube (Just $150 when I got it) has captured my heart in the end. I can pick that up when friends or nieces and nephews alike come over. Anyone of any age can have fun with it if they are into games. There's Mario Kart: Double Dash, Pac Man VS., Smash Brothers, Mario Party, Mario Tennis, etc. when you're entertaining younger gamers, which is nice. You can also play any of EA's franchise games when older gamers come over. (though they typically prefer to play on the XBOX)

    I would really like to see Nintendo win (or at least survive) these console wars over the next decade or two. I think one way in which they could guaruntee survival and even market domination is by narrowing their market to children ages 6-12. By focusing on great games, low prices that young parents can afford, and games that parents will enjoy playing with their children they'd be on to something big. Politics show that "family values" and money issues are able to get a sizeable vote in America. If Nintendo dominates the family market and lets Sony and Microsoft vie for the other half of the gaming market Nintendo will be doing well for quite some time.