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NHL All-Star Voting

As I write this, Mike Komisarek and Andrei Markov still lead the NHL All Star voting for defensemen. Carey Price is still the leading gaolie. Three Habs still occupy spots 3-5 for forwards, only recently being overtaken by Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin.

The game's being held in Montreal to celebrate a centennial, so I get that Habs fans are excited.

Unfortunately, they're also cheaters. Early NHL voting didn't feature a CAPTCHA or any sort of system to prevent automated ballot stuffing, and Habs fans stuffed the ballots. Their guys all had something like 300,000 votes within a few days.

The NHL was made aware of the ballot stuffing and did nothing to correct it. They put an end to it with a CAPTCHA, but the ballots that had already been stuffed remained.

Alex Ovechkin may be a douche, but he deserves to be a starter in the All-Star Game. On defense there's no way the two Habs deserve to start1 In goal, Henrik Lundqvist (or Marc-Andrey Fleury) vs. Carey Price shouldn't even be a battle2.

Stupid NHL.

P.S. How lame is it that baseball gets 10M votes for some of their players (or whatever), and the third-place goalie for one conference has barely cracked 100,000.

  1. And neither should either Penguin as they've been out all year with injury. []
  2. MAF has been down with injury for awhile now, and likely wouldn't be allowed to start even if voted in. []

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