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Learning to Ride a Bike

Carey read about a program in New York City that teaches kids to ride a bike. The method is called the "Balance First Method." You start by taking the pedals off the child's bike. They push with two feet - ideally at the same time - and effectively learn to "balance first" during the coasting stages between pushes. Then you put the pedals on, give 'em a little push, and away they'll go.

Many parents report success within minutes or hours. Our experience was no different at all - about an hour from "I can't ride a bike" to doing what can only be described as "riding a bike."

P.S. As a reward, we bought a Specialized 16" Hotrock bike (the "Sea" color). It's amazing how crappy most kids bikes are.

5 Responses to "Learning to Ride a Bike"

  1. That makes a lot of sense. It's more constructive on how to balance and the mechanics than training wheels.

    They teach you the same way in the Basic Rider Course for motorcycles. Feet down and power walk first, then feet down and a little faster, then you can put your feet on the pegs.

  2. this is just amazing. Who would have thought that removing the peddles would make such a difference.

  3. Oh thank you for posting this. Been pulling my hair out with my son trying to ween him off the training wheels.

  4. That's not how you teach a kid how to ride a bike!

    The proper way is to hold the bike while he's riding it, promise you won't let go, let go, let the kid ride for a bit, not noticing he's on his own, then call him to show him what he's doing, making him fall and lose his trust in you.

    Everybody will agree that my way is much better. 👿

  5. Lol. Yes Oliver, I agree your way is better. My first time riding was like what you say Oliver, but I still broke my cheek bone. 😥