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Top 10 Mac Mysteries of 2003

An article on the Top 10 Space Mysteries for 2003 got me thinking. It's near to New Year's, and so I've decided to forego my New Year's resolutions in favor of building this list: Top 10 Mac Mysteries for 2003. Some we may find out, and some way may never know...

Encouraging Stealing?

This article at is an interesting one that puts forth the notion that Apple not only cares what people do with the digital content they may acquire (putting songs on their iPod, burning DVDs, etc.), but that Apple doesn't care about software at all. I'm not sure I agree with the latter premise, and […]

Welcome Windows… Developers

Apple is pushing the "Switch" campaign to developers with this article on porting Win32 apps to the Mac. Geared towards "those first steps" with recommendations for the HIGs, some basic information on how the event models are different, and so on. Check it out and start coding, Windows guys. Oh, and welcome aboard.

Status: Resolved

From my friend Aaron comes this whole entry… I, Aaron Linville, am an official kernel hacker. In fact, if you are running Mac OS X (10.2.3) and viewing this webpage, you are using code that I've written. Of course you'll want proof of this, for that I have provided a PGP signed email from Apple.


iConquer is a pretty nifty little game of Risk that I've played off and on for five minutes at a time lately. At $12.99, it's fairly inexpensive, and is a great looking application capable of fitting on most Macs running OS X (beware early iBook/iMac users). What's better, the author recently presented at a BANG […]

Gullible Friends

Have any gullible friends (cough, ahem, Brad, cough) who aren't afraid of the Terminal (even though they should be, as this proves)? Tell them to run this: ------------ #!/bin/tcsh foreach i (`cat /usr/share/dict/words`)     touch $i end ------------ Tee hee hee. 🙂

Proper Design: BBEdit?

BBEdit is one of my favorite applications. I use about 1/10 of its power (we supposedly use the same percentage of our brain power at peak usage) because it typically follows good standards, stays very much "out of my way," provides keyboard shortcuts throughout, and so on. In short, it's a very good "citizen" of […]

An Adium Kinda Day

Adium 2.0a1 (pre-alpha, really) should be released as source code today. For those that don't know, Adium is a brilliant little AIM clone written in Cocoa by one "Adam Iser" (figure out why it's called Adium yet?). The biggest innovation is arguably the "tabbed windows" that prevent your screen from becoming littered with the five […]

Forbes Don’t Know Jack

From this article comes this quote: The next time you check your e-mail and want to curse the lowlife responsible for all that unwanted commercial e-mail--aka spam--you might start cursing into a mirror. Hate the sender all you want, the sad fact is that you may very well be the person ultimately responsible for the […]


I switch someone to a Mac nearly every time I work. Granted, I only work one or two days a week, and still for the benefits, but it's pretty interesting stuff. I've read a bunch of stuff about how "oh, those Switch ads aren't working" or "the market share isn't rising" or whatever. I'll tell […]

Pretend You’re a Hoodlum

Want to pretend you're Madonna, Beck, No Doubt, or Tony Hawk? Apple now lets you. Get 'em while they're hot, kids.