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Dropping MS Sync makes sense. But going with BlackBerry instead?

WhatsApp is Worth $16B?

I hadn't even heard about WhatsApp until today. Virtually everyone I message is on iMessage. Facebook to Buy WhatsApp for $16+ Billion | Re/code

Dear Creation Museum, all science is "historical science." Here's why: The real problem with Ham's argument is that it's so blatantly hypocritical. Historic science is actually fine with him—but only when it gives him an answer that can be crammed into his version of the biblical timeline. In the debate, he happily cited a study […]

Flappy Bird – Wha?

I don't understand how people can waste hours and hours playing a game like this, especially when they're forgoing much deeper, more meaningful experiences around them. Even watching a good movie would be a better use of time.

I've never really understood Bitcoin, but I read articles about it, and this one is good.

Read this: How In-app Purchases Have Destroyed The Industry (by @baekdal) #opinion.

The Techtopus: How Silicon Valley's most celebrated CEOs conspired to drive down 100,000 tech engineers' wages | PandoDaily In early 2005, as demand for Silicon Valley engineers began booming, Apple's Steve Jobs sealed a secret and illegal pact with Google's Eric Schmidt to artificially push their workers wages lower by agreeing not to recruit each […]

Augmented Reality Glasses

Yet another creepy video showing the "power" of augmented reality via glasses. The guy not only cheats at 8-ball, but uses his glasses to access personal information to scam on a bartender. Nice. Real nice. 😛

The Verge has a bunch of tweets and commentary on Nest's acquisition by Google: Why is everyone disappointed by Google buying Nest?.

Nest Acquired by Google

Oh PS with Nest’s built-in sensors now Google knows when you’re home, what rooms you’re in, and when you’re out. Just FYI. — Ryan Block (@ryan) January 13, 2014 Great. More here.

Google+ Settings

Settings - Google+ - Holy heck did I just turn off a LOT of stuff that was on without my knowledge.

Netflix Streams Decreasing

Netflix's dumbed-down algorithms Netflix's big problem, it seems to me, is that it can't afford the content that its subscribers most want to watch. It could try to buy streaming rights to every major Hollywood blockbuster in history — but doing so would cost hundreds of billions of dollars, and could never be recouped with […]

Back this Project on Kickstarter, please. I'd like to see it get funded. 🙂


The beginning of an email. I've gotten a few of these, and absolutely none of them strike me as "obvious." Perhaps the fact that they're all found in my spam folder is what is supposed to make the sender "obviously" a "professional social media business manager?" Please.

Samsung’s Creepy Ad

Uhm… WTF?