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I was watching Sports Night (episode 40, "Draft Day Part 1") when Jeremy said "what is a choreoanimator?" He was asking about Jenny, his porn star girlfriend (played by the incredibly cute Paula Marshall of the now-gone Hidden Hills).

I wondered what the heck a choreoanimator was as well, and so I Googled it. Turns out the first page of results is, gee, about Sports Night. Wow. I guess it's a made up word. Here's what I'm gonna do: define it.

A choreoanimator is someone who reads daily. Take that, you G to the oo with a gle.

P.S. I bet my friend Dave that within two weeks, I'd be the top Google result for "choreoanimator." Today is April 13, and I've done it. Four days. Choreoanimator. :-)

30 Responses to "Choreoanimator"

  1. Woo! I am a choreoanimator? Can I put it on my resume?

  2. A choreoanimator is surely not someone who composes dances for cartoon characters, like the hippos in Fantasia. You can put "porn star" on your résumé for all I care. Just let me know if you ever get hired with that on it. :-)

  3. Hey! Guess what...a choreoanimator is actually a person who makes up the dances for cartoon characters. I found a site that mention the death of the choreoanimator for Fantasia (of all things). Imagine that.

  4. According to googlism, "choreoanimator is a someone who reads nslog". Heh heh heh.

  5. And now it's 2007 and I'm watching Sports Night from Netflix and I did the same thing and this page is STILL the top result for "choreoanimator."

    1. ME TOOOOO!!

    2. Me three!

  6. I was just watching the Star Wars episode of Family Guy, and there's a dance number that reminded me of Sports Night's description of "choreoanimation." So I typed "Choreoanimator" into the address bar and got this site! I just thought you'd get a kick out of that :mrgreen:

  7. It's almost the 5 year anniversary (tomorrow, I guess) of your Choreoanimator post, and you're still #1. Yay you!

  8. We are now into 2009 and you're still #1!

  9. Check this out:

    How great is it that we're still watching Sports Night & Googling the dialogue?

  10. 2009 is almost out, and this is still the top result.

  11. mid 2010 and still #1.

  12. Now its 2010 and I'm Googling "choreoanimator" and this page pops up. Well, for the record, I've worked in animation for twenty-odd years and have never heard the term before. I think its what they call a 'maguffin' look THAT up.

  13. It's 2011, you're still the top site, well done you!

  14. Aaron said on November 24, 2007:

    And now it's 2007 and I'm watching Sports Night from Netflix and I did the same thing and this page is STILL the top result for "choreoanimator."

    4 years later, sports night is still on netflix, and this is still the first hit for choreoanimator....

  15. I'm watching Sports Night with my family on Netflix. Of course, I look up choreoanimator, and this site is the top result. Very impressive. I want someone to break this word down into its roots and actually define it. I think I might take my own challenge. I'll get back to you all.

  16. It would so seem by the latin and greek roots of the word that a choreoanimator would be a person who brings life, soul, spirit, expression, etc. to dance.

  17. Also, I believe one who arranges dance steps for cartoons would be an animechoreographer.

  18. March 2012 and still #1! I'm gonna say its just a made up word. Ha!

  19. July 2012...still #1. Guess its one of those Sorkinsms' (sp) that happens in his shows and movies.

  20. September 2012. The Choreoanimator lives.

  21. October 2012. Your 2003 post is still #1 Google search result. Brilliant! Yeah, all the top results mention Sports Night, a show that went off the air in 2000.

  22. November 1, 2012 Sports Night on Netflix, and you guessed it. How else would I have found it?

  23. it is 11/30/12 at 1120pm

    I am watching Sports Night on Netflix and just like many other people, the urge to find out what the hell a 'choreoanimator' was drove me to google it. Again, this is still the #1 result, lol

    Good job there guy!

  24.'s still the #1 search result!

  25. September 2013... and yes, you guessed it, it's still the #1 search!

  26. October 17, 2013...still #1. Lol

  27. Lemme be the first to say: 2014, still true. ;)

  28. Yup, some 15 years after that episode aired- and 10 since your post- people are still watching Sports Night, wondering what that is. Still on top!

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