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Smart ED Acceleration

One gear = no shifting. I've roasted my fair share of "fast" cars within a city block…

Quad Copters (Again)

Phantom 2 Vision+ | DJI Getting Started with the DJI Phantom 2 QuadCopter for my Birthday? Still waiting. Here's to 2015?

As Publishers Fight Amazon, Books Vanish. Maybe the U.S. Government should go after Apple again.

AT&T to Buy DirecTV for $48.5 Billion in Move to Expand Clout I'm a long-time subscriber to both. I wonder if that will benefit me at all.

Larry Page: The Untold Story. It's tough to imagine "Don't be Evil" as a motto when one of the founders seems somewhat evil.

App.Net is Dead State of the Union No more salaried employees. It lasted, what, a year or two?

It's Different for Girls Wine was brought and toasts were made to our great future together. About halfway through the dinner he told me he had also brought me a present, but it was under the table, and would I please give him my hand so he could give it to me. I gave him […]

Bluetooth Home Lock

I've often wondered how and when we're going to have home security systems that are a bit more complex than a metal key. After all, they're not exactly difficult to defeat - they can be picked, keys can be lost or easily stolen and copied, etc. But what's the alternative? How about… this: Kwikset Kevo […]

Dash Cam?

Wirecutter recommends the

From Brent: inessential: Google AdSense and Analytics 99.9% sure that article is a complete farce, though.

Bad Car UI

This is a particularly bad example: Car UI. It's not news that Apple's CarPlay is re-igniting the discussion about just how bad the UX is in most modern vehicles. A friend of mine works on the UX for Tesla, though, and if I had to choose a car with the best UX, it may be […]

MAKE has a story on How I Got My Job as a Lego Designer. If I had known that was a thing, I may have beat him to the punch… Gosh I loved playing with Lego as a kid.

Yeah, on Android. It's a bit of a neat trick, since they can't exactly have a very big aperture, but it seems to be "okay."


Yawn. Aside from notifying me when I can't hear or see my phone (or feel it), I don't see much point in wearables. And I rarely wear a watch.

The Ultimate Guide to Solving iOS Battery Drain If you do nothing else, do step 1. Bad Facebook. Bad.

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