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Clone Your Bone

snatchinhand.jpgWant to see your private parts in wax? The "fine" folks at Match Your Snatch can do just that for you? As seen here, these "skilled" workers sell kits that allow you to model your very own genitalia (or, I presume, that of your loved ones...) in wax. You too can "clone your bone." As the site suggests, you could...

Order a few to enliven your next Girl's Night Out and guess who's who!

With suggestions like this, how can you pass up the opportunity?!?!

12 Responses to "Clone Your Bone"

  1. I am the originator of the clone your bone and the inventor and the only provider of the match your snatch kit. and i want to tell you these kits are truly cool !! we guarantee it .

    e mail me with any questions

    thank you

    Steve Turner

    1. I am trying to figure out where to buy these kits. My boyfriend told me about them and we want to order them both. I can't figure out on what website to buy them. I tried and These are the website my boyfriend told me to go on. I really want to order them. It states the kit is 43.00 for the two of them. This blog is from 2003. Do you still have this product for sale? Please contact me

  2. Hello

    I was just wondering if there was a possibility

    to "clone your bone" in a provided material

    other then wax. Wouldn't it break after a while?

    I like your product but when I am done I want a real useable dildo like something you could buy in a store. Is that what I am being provided with?

  3. If anyone is looking for a usable dildo of your bone, go to Its a great product and more usable than wax.

  4. Does anyone know if i can get this in the UK? E-mail me.

  5. Anyone looking for a usable dildo
    go to

    There are plenty different kits to choose from.

  6. Look up a dental supply store in your phone book then go buy a fast set alginate casting material, use a big cup to put your bone in for casting ,then you can cast it in whatever you want, dow corning 100% silicone from the hardware store works great.

    1. Aloha Steve, Now here is a flash from the very distant past. This is Mick from Napilli sands back in the day.Hope this finds you doing well and hoping Gary and your mom are doing likewise. I came across some old pics of you guys and began wondering how your all doing these days. Please contact me and write a few lines. I do have a couple photo cd's I'd like to get to Sharon (and you also) if that would be alright. Be well, Mick

  7. mick , omg! man im so glad to hear your around somewhere. you need to send me an email direct from yours with your contact info ok
    my number is 808-895-1781 call me or something !!!! the family is all on the big island and doing just fine

  8. Steve turner !!
    How are ya u crazy s.o.b?
    Peace & aloha

    1. TJ! of all places to contact me, you find a years old post thats still floatin around on the net....Ha Ha.
      Things are good, how are you? and your bro?
      Still lookin at my wifes snatch...... are you? well fuckin cut it out man!
      Take it easy man

      ARE YOU ON FB?

  9. I'd rather just order the ingredients and make my own, it works better, and I can also cast my balls. It's much cheaper this way. The penis ones are rubbish without balls and a proper base.