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Misc: Cute Girls in Scarves

Today as I drove around after returning "Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood" (I think Sandra Bullock is an adorable creature, but even this movie could not be saved. UGH!), I saw a young woman sitting in her Cabrio convertible (are they all?). So here I am, sitting in a light ADC t-shirt, shorts, windows wide open blasting Shania Twain, and this girl's got a jacket and a SCARF on. We live about an hour north of the southernmost tip of Florida. It's at least sixty something out. And she's wearing a scarf? Oy... I give up. I guess I'll have to adjust. Where's my leather jacket...

peppermint.jpgIn other news, the Steelers play at 1 today. They play the usually-pathetic Carolina, but after last week - a week in which their opponents totalled 47 yards to the Steelers' 422 but 24 points to the Steelers' 6 - I'm well aware that anything can happen. With a half-game lead, uhhh, we'll see how it all works out today.

I've got a meeting to go to tonight at 9. Fun. Drive 45 minutes, meet for 45 minutes, drive back for 45 minutes. Maybe I'll skip... The meeting is about something I really don't have that difficult a time selling. I'm always up for improvement, but if all we do is tell Judy how to sell the darn thing, then it's just a waste of 45 minutes x 3.

I'm hopeful to meet someone with whom I've been conversing lately. We "met" off Sounds pathetic, yep yep yep, but frankly, it's a fine way to go about meeting new friends to hang out... I haven't got the time, or the interest, to meet "the general public" here. Do you know what JAPs are (not Japanese people)? I do... At any rate, this girl's got a smurf tattoo in her "bikini area." Hmmm... Perhaps in a year I'll get to see it (I'm pretty slow moving, though my history surely doesn't support that.).

I just saw the phrase "like taking a straw to the ocean" in reference to trying to get music off the Net. Seems accurate enough. I've got 7500 MP3s myself (All legal. Really. Yup.).

It looks like MailDrop 1.2.1 will be included on the Marketcircle DayLite CD. Perhaps. Details are still iffy, but, we'll see.

I like peppermint ice cream. With hot fudge.

Will I be alone this Christmas? I don't know. A friend made mention of the fact that her stepmom invited me to her house (with the friend). And frankly, I'd like to go, but now I'm faced with the task of figuring out whether the invitation was a pity invitation and whether or not the friend would like it or not. She's already borrowing the car... would it be so bad if I drove? Either way, it doesn't matter much. I'm looking forward to having some "me time" if that's what happens...

Pubic hair. Yuck. But still better than "Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood."