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Get Off With Games

rez-vibrator.jpgMen sick of having their girlfriends or wives complain about the time they spend playing video games may want to pay attention to this article on GameGirl Advance.

Apparently, a PS2 game called "Rez" ships with a "vibrator." Yep, you heard me correctly: it comes with a vibrator. What's better, the vibrator reacts in accordance with how you're playing the game. Is pleasing your woman the primary use? Uhhh, probably not... But dammit if it's not a mighty fine idea! 🙂

3 Responses to "Get Off With Games"

  1. This was made for me

    Can you think of anyone who's whipped up cool blog hacks recently?

  2. Oh YEAH!

  3. Uh hahaha thats just funny