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Open Source Everything!

In response to my previous post on open sourcing software, I decided to come up with a list of similar things to including the source code with all software.

If software was required to ship with the source code, then:

  • All novels should ship with every note and draft the author took during the writing of the book as well as any pertinent prior knowledge.
  • All music should ship with the tracks so that you can examine how they were mixed, the sheet music, and any edits made by the artist, producer, band, editor, lyricists, etc.
  • All DVDs should ship with a replica of the studios and people used to produce them. After all, how are we to know whether our Matrix Special Edition DVD is "well built" unless we can see how it is built?
  • Every electrical device we buy should come with blueprints for every piece, proprietary, patented, or otherwise.

Connel is a moron.