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This is Sexy?

christina_a.jpgMaxim's January cover girl is Christina Aguilera. Y'know, the former Mouseketeer... the former "girl next door" and "nice Pittsburgh suburb" girl. True to form, Maxim has taken someone who can be completely adorable, and turned her into a heavy-eyeshadow-wearing vixen. And one could say Maxim showed her the way she's been showing herself lately, and that's something I'd agree with...

... but what ever happened to adorable? What ever happened to "girl next door" sexy? Am I the only guy alive that thinks "cuddly" is still sexy? That comfort breeds confidence - and a whole different kind of confidence that you don't get by covering up your bare breasts and flicking off the camera - and that this confidence is sexy?

Am I the only guy left that finds clothing sexier than the complete, utter lack of clothing? I mean, I love Maxim for the damn humor of it all, but aside from being able to see how big Christina's boobs really are... whoopty doo to the whole damn pictorial.

5 Responses to "This is Sexy?"

  1. Christina is a big breasted phony she is such a slut like in the vidio dirrty ummm... let me say this:she can't dance sing or disign clothes!!!

  2. Oh, she can sing, no question about that. And she can dance too. Frankly, I'm glad she's a character. The pop world could use a little bit of XXX every now and then. Hell, the whole US could. Sex is fine. It sells, it's fine.

    But she can sing, that much I don't question.

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  4. ... c'mon?! she CAN'T sing? She probably has one of the most powerful voices of the overall young divas within her age today, (with influences like Mariah, Etta James and Whitney Houston to name a few)she can belt out with the best of them. The transformation could simply mean she's telling the whole world she's not a little girl anymore. Its a phase any person will through (the 80's Punk Rock era comes to mind). She's ok as long as she's making good music and loving what she does. 🙂

  5. I know what you mean, hey your not alone, recently ive been feelin disgusted with the Aguilera. She was fine the way she was before. Shes just changeing to become more popular and failing such as britney or janet. Celebertys try to hard these days to keep their 15 minutes goin a little longer and end up ruining it for them selves in being a respectible celeb in my opinion, and cute is so totally sexy.