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Miscellaneous Eve

Just some random things to make up for my complete lack of posting yesterday (The Steelers whupped that Tamba Bay Buccaneer team right good, I done say.)

  • The Yahoo Yellow pages get right to the point as Gabe pointed out. Note the search, note the results.
  • This site, entitled Usability Net, simply isn't very usable. Or is that useable? Either way, it's pretty hideous.
  • A new version of Script Editor is out in beta, and it's muuuuuuch nicer. I hated the old script editor, often editing scripts in BBEdit and pasting them into SE for the running. No longer. Also, Apple's added "GUI Scripting," which I consider to be my Christmas gift from Apple. As the site suggests, "Using this version of the System Events application, AppleScript scripts can select menu items, push buttons, enter text into text fields, and generally control the GUI of most non-Classic applications." Wow, the things we'll be able to do…
  • For the record, however, I disagree with John Gruber's analysis that this will make developers lazy in providing AppleScript support. I don't think that it will. I certainly haven't changed my plans for MailDrop 1.5 to drop all scripting support.
  • Annie won't be dropping by to pick up her Christmas presents today, nor did she last night. Is it just me, or is giving someone a Christmas present after Christmas a total letdown?
  • My dad is one of those sucked into believing that perhaps the moon landings were a hoax, and here is an interesting article that talks about whether NASA should even bother to respond to "the crackpots" or not. My personal preference? No, they shouldn't, and neither should I. Conspiracy theorists love a conspiracy, but the only thing they like more is trying to convince someone else that they're on to something. Why give them that thrill in the face of such overwhelming scientific evidence? Sorry guys... why don't you tell me the one about Elvis and Hitler still being alive, running a gas station in Alabama again...?
  • Blogs make headlines! Well, not mine, anyway...
  • Regarding the Top 10 Web Mistakes of 2002, I consider 3, 6, 8 and 10 to be the worst four.
  • Where is the Mac version of the software to interface with CarChip?

That's all for now. Go Steelers!