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No Segways on Our Sidewalks

This Register article talks about San Francisco's recent ban of Segways (the drastically overpriced scooter designed by a weird egomaniac) on city sidewalks and bike paths. The article also touches on "the average American" and describes them, in the words of various authors, as "fat."

Guess what? The average American is overweight. We're a society of excess. A society of McDonald's. A society in which I actually have to try to persuade my friends to walk to the pool hall that's literally 500 yards away instead of driving.

Are there thin people in the US? Yes... you just can't see them because all the fatties are blocking the way.

Santa ain't the only one that could stand to lose a few pounds. 🙂

One Response to "No Segways on Our Sidewalks"

  1. I personally prefer the idea of a fat American on a Segway over a fat American in an SUV. If we can at least get them on Segways it'll give us correct weight Americans more room to bike and run on the roads. Perhaps they could be considered expensive training wheels to a better lifestyle? 🙂