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The Day After: XMas 2002

Well, it's the day after Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring... not even Flint the wünderdög.

I spent a decent amount of time hacking up MovableType yesterday. Listened to some music, putzed around. I'm trying to make the site look as good as possible without using any graphics. And screw Omn - it's dinosaur-like CSS engine leaves it pitifully far behind. Actually, it doesn't do too bad... but Chimera is the only browser I've got in my dock.

Does anyone but me wonder when Omn 5.0 will ship? Has anyone seen it in beta yet? I'm guessing we won't hear much of it until March, and that it won't ship until May or so, but that speculation is based on tea leaves as much as any real evidence. Whither IE 6, too? I know it's got to be in late alpha or early beta, no? And what the hell is up with AOL's versioning? AOL 5.0 for the Mac does most of what AOL 8.0 does for the PC, and frankly, people don't seem to care about the differences, but when you tell someone that "no, actually we only have AOL 5.0" they act as if they're losing so much. Does AOL realize this? Care?

I'm wearing a Hawaiian shirt. It's red, so I'm still festive. And I've made a triangle out of Coca Cola cans, so it looks like a Christmas tree. When I drink the next I'll put it on the bottom as a trunk.

Gabe's locking carabiner didn't come in (his Christmas present), but mine did... but can you give someone that as a gift? And speaking of which, and not to seem ungrateful or anything, but when you give a friend, oh, $400 in "stuff" and don't even quite get a card in response... well, it just seems like you should really look hard at that "friendship" to see what's up. And no, I'm not talking about Gabe or Daria - they gave me a gift certificat to Amazon... so now I have the difficult task of deciding what to purchase. As soon as I get the gift certificate, anyway... I mean, when it gets here... oh gift certificate, where are you...?

I purchased GraphicConverter 4.5 today. I never use the damn app, so I'm not quite sure why I did. And frankly, I'm still miffed at the whole "free for life, errr... until we change our mind" thing. It was only $15... but it just seems like bad PR. Couldn't they have at least renamed it, or called it 5.0? It's an even worse slap than iTools -> .Mac, and let's be fair there: .Mac offered a wee bit more of an upgrade than "4.4.4 to 4.5" (though the feature list in this update is quite big). Just seems like bad PR.

Freshly Squeezed Software is now faced with the task of deciding what to do in regards to its next product. What I believe will happen is that project "NS" will be worked on by Andy and Michael, while project "FP" will be worked on by me. I've been using Omni's frameworks for the preferences, which provide some nice things... but perhaps I should scrap that whole way of doing things and switch to building .prefPanes and writing a wrapper for those. I'm not sure... I haven't done the latter, and frankly, I can't say I'm terribly good at the former either simply for lack of practice. It's new stuff. Either way, both will be out by June, and I consider that to be a very padded time frame. MailDrop I expect to see to version 1.5 by August - a little over a year after it's initial release. BTW, if you're reading this blog and want MailDrop for 33% off, email me from this page (see my name at the bottom) and let me know. I'll hook you up.

Gabe, Daria, and I are going for a ride on our old, brand-spankin'-new-to-replace-the-stolen-one, and fairly new bikes, respectively. Peace out homeys 😀 (ahhh, my smiley package...).