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Star Wars Folds

sworigami.gifThis site provides fun origami projects for Star Wars fans. To the right, of course, is a Tie Fighter.

Am I the only person alive who thinks George Lucas should hire a screenwriter to beat him over the head, steal the Star Wars III script, and rewrite it? After witnessing the atrociousness that was Star Wars I and II, I'm going to have to start believing in God so I can pray to him/her/it that George does not totally screw up Star Wars III. Please, no more dialog like this:

Anakin: I killed them all. Women, children, their dogs. I slaughtered them in cold blood. I am pure evil.
Stupid Woman: Awwww, poor baby... come here and get a hug...


2 Responses to "Star Wars Folds"

  1. Not only should he do that, he should have them rewrite I & II while they're at it. Then refilm them and release them for free while apologizing for putting everyone through his version.

    Hiring someone else to do the casting would also be nice. I didn't think he could get an actor worst then Jake LLoyd to play Anakin, but Ep. II sure did prove me wrong.

  2. I've been toying with the idea of fixing those horrible scripts since Episode 1 came out. Instead of taking on the project by myself I thought I'd hear other people's input on what worked and what needs to be scrapped. Come help at