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Segway Boring

I'm a geek, and as such, I would really like a Segway. However, until the price drops below a thousand bucks, I won't get one. I work from home, and aside from driving it around (riding it around?) my apartment complex, what would I do with it? I don't live in Manhattan. What would anyone do with it? Will this thing really take off? Maybe in warehouses, sure, but in cities? C'mon... It's heavy, isn't it? You've gotta lug it up stairs or have it in an elevator if you work in an office?

Aaron Swartz echos some of these thoughts quite succinctly:

Well, it's almost time to return the Segway and we've all but lost interest in it. Working on the movie kept us going for a little while longer but since I posted it the Segway has pretty much stayed in its place in the corner, off. I think we've explored everything there is to do with it, and now it's just uninteresting.