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MasterGrip Training

mastergrip.gifI've begun using the MasterGrip doo-hickey (like the one seen to the right, here) to strengthen my fingers for rock climbing. I haven't started doing pull-ups just yet (no real way to do them at this time, need a bar or something), but this hand grippy finger thing is tough. It's amazing how weak your left-hand pinkie is. 😛 I've got to remember to do it outside of my pockets, however, or it looks quite suspicious. "Anyone for a game of pocket pool?" 😉

I wonder where my old trumpet is (the picture reminded me of playing a trumpet)... and if I could sell it on eBay and get a few bucks. I guess that'd be up to my parents. They did buy it originally...

2 Responses to "MasterGrip Training"

  1. I would like a mastergrip,but I don´t know where I buy it. can you help me and say how much is that?? thank you

  2. You're posting from Germany? I don't know. Any sports goods store or music shop is likely to have them here in the states.