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Apparently I'm an ISTP. My "Meyer-Briggs" personality type, anyway. I encourage you to check out your own type at that link...

As to ISTPs, well:

People of this type tend to be: logical, pragmatic, and matter of fact; quiet, unassuming, and autonomous; realistic, pragmatic, and aloof; impulsive and curious about the physical world; flexible and resourceful; objective and unemotional. The most important thing to ISTPs is the freedom to act independently and follow their impulses.

The list of careers for an ISTP type was fairly interesting as well.

  • Computer programmer
  • Commercial pilot
  • Crisis hotline operator
  • Police officer
  • Software developer
  • Information services manager
  • Paralegal
  • Emergency medical technician
  • Commercial artist
  • Private investigator
  • Fire fighter
  • Physical therapist
  • Lawn service manager
  • Pharmacist
  • Animal trainer

Let's see. I'm a programmer/software developer with a pharmaceutical degree who does IIS work for various clients. I used to mow lawns while dreaming of flying, and my dog is well trained. Much of my work revolves around design or art, and I'm relied on by many to help them through various crises.

I guess I'm doing pretty well 🙂

But that having been said, this is like a horoscope in some ways: it's often so general you can be anything, probably ("a new person will enter your life today." - could be the checkout girl at Starbucks for all you know...) I had to really think about some of the types of questions - all four really - and choose which I'm most like. With friends, I'm very passionate, very "feely" and emotional. But overall, I'm very "thinking" as opposed to "feeling" (the in ISTP). For others, for example the J/P (judging/perceiving) I'm very much a P.

E/I (extrovert/introvert) and S/N (sensing/intuition) I also admit to having trouble with. I'm very good at understanding things from theory, which is an N characteristic, but my memory recall is usually rich in small details, like the color a person's fingernails were when a conversation took place. I may be an N, I may be an S. I may be an E, I may be an I. It depends on the situation.

I think one of the things I like most about people, or rather I should say one of the things the people I like most provide is a chance for me to flip flop from my normal behavior. I may be an ABCD at work (I made that up to avoid having to come up with a real pattern), but I might like to spend time with people that encourage me to be a WXYZ.

So what does that make me in the end? An ERIK.

8 Responses to "ISTP"

  1. "about me"

    well i guess i should point out that the about link to the left is b0rked. but erik just posted

  2. Actually, Meyers-Briggs personality tests/personality types are well-respected and established. They are not vague, or based off of random things like your birth date or the letters in your name, they are based off questions you answer yourself. Of course, everyone is a bit of a blend, and the questions are subject to, well, subjectivity of the person answering them.

    However, this test is not an official test (those are not available for free). Official ones are very lengthy and offer scenarios to navigate through based on what you would do, instead of simply asking you "are you extroverted or introverted?" If you're curious sometime, you should purchase a real test and find out for sure.

  3. I'm a little surprised. Based on a different test, I got eNTj, but here I get INFP. I'm thinking I'll stick with the former since it seems a bit more of a complex test, but even the full-on inventory isn't that precise. It's too bad that I didn't get interested in this until after I finished majoring in psychology. Sneaky college, pushing me out in four years.

  4. personnalité

    In my travels on the Internet this evening, I was browsing around a few weblogs. I'm not usually the type to take ‘online personality tests’, but an entry in a weblog that I follow intrigued me. It links to a test that verifies your Myers-B...

  5. I posted my disclaimer and this is the corollary of sorts: the "about me" page. Who cares? Most likely nobody but me (and a few people wasting time at work ;-)). On the off-chance that you need a small piece...

  6. yeah im an ISTP and i guess all the links i've gone on have totally described me. i mean yeah im really emotional but i keep it all bottled up inside and i tend to not let people know how i really feel. so i have a binder, and in that binder are all the poems that i write i currnetly have almost 60. I need more cover slips to hold them all. i have a small group of friends and we are really uncomfortable in large groups we tend to get judged, and i guess thats where all my emotions come from. People make fun of me and i dont know how to deal with it so i keep it all bottled up and then i write it in poems. Im an ISTP and im proud of it. im not like emotional to the point where im like emo and cut myself off from the world but i like to be alone alot and im really strong when im alone. i like my space thats all. im punk... ..... and i hate being judged and i dont judge ppl b4 i know them thats just me 🙁 😥 😐 😳

  7. this is a really great test and very precise :mrgreen:

  8. [...] wrote about how I'm ISTP (based on a VERY short test) back in 2003, and when I run through Typealizer, it comes back ISTP as well: The independent and [...]