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Chimera Bugs and Site Mods

I totally changed some things about this site today. I sat, frustrated, for about five hours after the design was done due to some weird ass bug in Chimera (and, as it turns out, Mozilla itself). The bug is simple: view my December 2002 archives and look at the black 1-pixel border that should go around all the "white stuff."

Instead, the bug causes the black line to draw upwards through the red area at the top, here, and fails to draw it at some places along the white area (not at other points though). The bug is tied to how long some lines (from various posts - for instance the "Miami-Dade" line from my Waiters post) are. Changing font sizes (via Chimera, not in source) does not fix the bug... but modifying the entry to remove some plain old text (even if it's a bunch of  's or "blah blah blah") fixes the bug.


Anyway, further changes will be coming shortly. It's pretty boring as it is right now... so we'll see what i can do to spice it up a little.