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C|Not: $50 iApps

C|Net and (.com) are not really known for their "stellar reporting." The latest proof that they've got "great consultants" comes from this article, entitled "Apple Preparing New Upgrade Fees." Let's have a look at the first quote:

"Windows users are not making the switch as Apple had hoped, and now the company is pulling a Microsoft-like move by bundling popular applications and pasting a 'premium' price tag to them," said analyst Tim Deal of Technology Business Research.

Tim Deal is a moron. I could easily contradict his statements with real-life experience, with hard numbers, and so forth. I won't for various reasons, but I could. 🙂

And this "premium" tag? "Up to" $50 for three pieces of software is "premium" pricing? Last time I checked, Office cost $499. Windows XP Pro cost about $299. iPhoto, iDVD, and iMovie for $50? Sure, that's more than "free," but "premium" pricing? Jeezus freakin' Christos man!

Here's another gem:

Apple also did not give Jaguar--the first significant upgrade to Mac OS X--to Mac OS X users for free. Instead, the majority of these customers had to pay $129 to receive the upgrade, which was released less than a year after OS X.

Let's do some simple math… March 24, 2001… August 24, 2002. Seems to me that's about 17 months apart, really. Less than a year? Someone's smoking crack and giving themselves the suppository version.

I give up. This is the first "news" item I've read today and I'm already sick of the "reporting" being done for the day.

One Response to "C|Not: $50 iApps"

  1. YA MacWorld post

    I'm kind of in agreement with this: NSLog(); - C|Not: $50 iApps C|Net's not on the bandwagon. They're been invited, had their hand held, but keep complaining about the hay in the back and are running behind it.