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One of the Best Already

steelershelmet.jpgThe Pittsburgh Steelers today defeated the Cleveland Browns 36-33, their third three-point victory against the team from 132 miles northwest of them this season. That hardly gives you any indication what a great game this was.

It was one of the best games I've ever seen. The Steelers were down by 12 with just over 3 minutes remaining, yet pulled out for scores (two touchdowns, an extra point, and a two-point conversion) in about 100 seconds.

It was one of the greatest games I've ever seen played, and I'm a fan of smashmouth run-it-up-the-gut football. All this throwing, passing, fumbling, intercepting... That ain't old Steeler ball. But dammit if it's not the new, Super Bowl-bound Steeler ball. Pittsburgh heads off to Tennessee next week, and you can bet your booty I'll be watching that game from beginning to end. In the meantime, well, I've got a pretty good game on my TiVo to keep me entertained.

One Response to "One of the Best Already"

  1. YOUR DAMN RIGHT! STEELERS ROCK MY WORLD! especially hines and randle el, but i think that they should play kordell for quarterback for a little while on sunday, he deserves it!!