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Apple’s Unique Position

Here is more crap about Apple and Mac OS X on Intel chips. I say "more crap" because I've yet to come across a really good reason why Apple should move to Intel chips (this article provides nothing new, either).

But one thing did occur to me: Apple is in a pretty unique position. How quickly could Windows be ported to another chip? Heck, even the Palm OS might take more effort to be ported to another architecture than Mac OS X. It puts Apple in a pretty unique position in the industry.

4 Responses to "Apple’s Unique Position"

  1. Palm WAS ported to another chip: StrongARM. =) Took two years, though.

  2. Right, ported AGAIN I mean then 🙂 Heh. But yeah, it took them two years... I guess I should make that say "even the Palm OS took longer than it'd take Apple to port the Mac OS" or something.

  3. Windows NT already ran on PowerPC and some other CPUs, so porting should be relatively easy.

  4. All your ports are belong to us.