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Miscellaneous Pre-Macworld

I'm sitting here waiting for the keynote to begin, and I have some URL clippings on my desktop that I really need to get rid of. Hence, this:

  • This /. article asks a very good question: What is the origin of the cost of bandwidth?
  • The Lindows CEO is apparently funding an effort to hack the XBox so that Linux could be run on the console. Hey, fine by me... but what about running Linux on my iPod or eMate 300? 🙂
  • Microsoft acting up again? Yeah, you'd better believe it. This time they seem to have shrifted a UK mobile phone carrier.
  • There seems to be an (annoying) trend lately to label everything :adjective:web. The LazyWeb. The Semantic Web. The Disruptive Web.
  • eBay may not be listing guns, body parts, or children for sale anymore, but they are listing virtual products. Need some simoleons or spell points? Check out eBay. Need a new liver? Sorry, you'll have to wait (or visit China or something).