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One Ring to Rule the USA

Frodo has FailedFrodo has failed to keep the ring away from Dubya. As can be seen in this inconceivably crisp picture, none other than George W. wearing the Ring! Eeek! (No, I still have not seen LoTR 2. I did see LoTR 2 times, though).

I seriously think I'm the anti-nerd geek. I don't really care for Star Wars (the action is fine, the effects are cool, but the dialog is shit). I've never seen a Star Trek movie (or even a whole episode). I don't care so much about LoTR and quit reading The Hobbit about 40 pages into the thing. And - gasp - I date women! Something no self-respecting "nerd" would ever do. So I'm a geek, not a nerd, and as we all know, geek is chic these days! B-)

2 Responses to "One Ring to Rule the USA"

  1. Wait wait? So if Bush = Sauron does that mean Iraq = The Shire? And then that means Saddam = Bilbo!!! 🙂

  2. Now the way I see it is I'm the good guy.