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YA Safari Post

Here's my "yet another Safari post" post. First, some interesting links.

This link shows an email sent by Don Melton, the engineering manager of Safari, to the KDE KHTML team (the rendering engine on which Safari is built). In it, he introduces his team, including David Hyatt, formerly of Netscape and Chimera but now of Apple (and, apparently, Safari).

This email shows just how many bugs, improvements, and overall changes Apple made to KHTML. The list is huge, and very few seem to be related to Mac OS X - thus benefitting all those Linux users tremendously as well. Scroll through the list and you get the sense that Apple said "we took your poo and made it work!" But whatever… Apple's decision to use KHTML instead of Mozilla seems to be a sound one. The first link in this story contains the explanation.

What do I think? It's got some nice perks. Bookmark management seems nice, but it lacks tabbed browsing. The history features beats the pants out of Chimera's, but it lacks some of the flexibility of Omn. The integrated Google is nice, but it lacks the ability to reorganize the toolbar items into an order I like. Actually, I'd call Chimera and Safari pretty darn even at this point.

Update: Hyatt speaks out for the first time!