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Sunken Metal Widgets Bug

sunk_widgets.jpgJust uncovered a "problem" with those metal widgets that are "sunk" into the metal. Closing a window in the background with those metal widgets causes that app to become the frontmost application.

Try it in Safari. Try it in iCal. Try it in calculator (but note that Calculator quits when you close its window, but briefly, it comes to the front - same with iSync). Thanks to Andy for helping find this one.

That's not how it should work. 🙁

5 Responses to "Sunken Metal Widgets Bug"

  1. um, so how should it work? wasnt that the case in OS 9? If you clicked on a background window it would become active, or maybe i just havent used it in a while. Please offer an example curently in use of how it should work. Oh yeah, before i get flamed, im not being argumentative or flip, just asking.

  2. It should work in that closing a window, or minimizing a window, or even maximizing a window should not cause that app to come forward. It should remain in the background.

    This is how "all other" Mac OS X apps work.

  3. apple's compliance with the hig released by apple

    both erik and matt both wrote articles about apple's ui principles and and what they are doing with them

  4. Today I filled out about 40 bug reports at Here's the list, from our previous articles on the "inconsistencies" we find creeping up in the Mac GUI. If you have any bugs that you'd like to add to this list, let me know (me...

  5. Steven of Panic is pointing out that there are now three different kinds of metal window widgets. Hell, I'm still irked that my Sunken Metal...