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Condoms And

I was shopping with Annie the other day (seemingly the only thing we really "do" together besides eat and, occasionally, work) and I noticed that in Wal-Mart, the headache medicine is right across the aisle from the condoms. Seems convenient, I guess… guy stops in, picks up his jimmy hats and the female favorite excuse-alleviating medication all without having to move! Just sticks out his arms, grabs one box of each, and off he goes!

In Albertson's (grocery store in Florida), Annie pointed out that the wine section also sells condoms, again making it easier for the (apparently unmarried and still wooing) male to shop quickly.

Cuz, y'know, when you're horny you don't want to have to try to find two items in a store. Hell, if it weren't for the condoms, you probably wouldn't be in the store to begin with.