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Drag a Text Link in Safari

safari_link_drag.jpgLook at what happens when you drag a link (text link, anyway) in Safari!

Woooooooooo. This, just after I post a link about how Apple "gets it." Yes, they do. They get the fact that a nice little touch like this can make me like a browser a little bit more. It adds to my experience. It makes me happier. Sometimes, they may go too far with this graphical candy… but this one is just nice.

P.S. Note that dragging the transparent apple GIF below also works nicely: the transparent parts are still transparent. Go ahead, drag it around.

One Response to "Drag a Text Link in Safari"

  1. Another nice little touch they add is that in the status bar changes from "Go to " to "Open in a new window" when pressing command with the cursor over a link.