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Rendezvous Dating Service

shania.jpgAaron mentioned to me today what he thought to be a good use of Rendezvous. it works like this... your cell phone, your beeper, your HipTop… errr…SideKick all contain a Rendezvous implementation that has a little personal "profile" on you as well as what you'd like in a potential date (assuming you're single of course, or not single and of scummy moral standards). Other people have these as well.

Then, when you're within 50 feet or so of someone whose profile matches yours (or vice versa), some sort of signal is given off. Then, if the time is opportune, I imagine the people get together and say "hi" and whatnot. Privacy advocates can stick a pipe in it because the service would be no different than, say, or other dating services, except that you could turn it off and on throughout a day (Probably wanna turn it off at work or you may find out things you didn't want to know about your coworkers…). Even if you're not into the game, or are happily married, imagine the fun you'd have watching two people 50' apart suddenly look at their hips and then try to find each other.

For the record, my description of the ideal woman would come very close to the one you see at right. 🙂

One Response to "Rendezvous Dating Service"

  1. That has been tried here (in some form or the other) in Europe, it never took off b/c there were not enough users.