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On Browsing Tabs

The lack of tabs in Safari has prompted several people to declare "now that I'm used to no tabs, I find I don't miss them." Case in point:

I have been using Safari as my default web browser for the last three days. One thing has become very clear to me since then - I do not miss tabs. I thought I would, but frankly I create and destroy browsing windows so fast that I think I spent more time "managing" tabs than not.

Personally, I use tabs in two ways:

  • To maintain the order in which I've opened links - something separate windows makes impossible or very difficult
  • To work within smaller environment. It's easier to switch among three tabs when editing this site's stylesheet(s), for example, than among three windows, and a single window takes up less space than three.

Do I really miss tabs? No. Do I want them back? You bet your *ss I do. (See this post re: *.)

One Response to "On Browsing Tabs"

  1. I concur that it has only been three days and I haven't had to do major development using Safari yet... here is what I find I like tabs for:

    1. Development - like you said, presentation / code / stylesheet

    2. Research - It is awfully nice to have a whole row of tabs comparing text on one particular subject.

    I will have to continue to see how it goes but if I run into problems - the latest nightly of Chimera is always on my comptuer.