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What the F*ck?

The title of this post makes my point. Since when does putting a * in the middle of a swear word, like you see in this article, make the swearing any less visible? Is there really a difference between "c*nt" and "cunt"? Ask women if one is more offensive than the other, please. What's the point? To keep from being filtered by some software, perhaps? If you're typing "c*nt" kids behind parental filters shouldn't see what you're writing either.

5 Responses to "What the F*ck?"

  1. Amen!

  2. I find this applies to offensive words in general. A particular example is using the phrase "n-word" to replace the word "nigger" ("f-word" to replace "fuck"). The "cleaned" phrase still clearly indicates the expression intended.

  3. The lack of tabs in Safari has prompted several people to declare "now that I'm used to no tabs, I find I don't miss them."...

  4. I think you will find he was being funny. Knowing David the way I do, I really doubt he cares if people find what he writes offensive as they are only a click away from going somewhere else. I am one of the site editors and if strong language is appropriate to the article, we have no problem with it... for example I used the word 'fuck' in a recent article myself. Not such a big deal really.

  5. really who gives a fuck,,if u f*ckin write it either fuckin way, i know i dont really give a f* alll u ppL need 2 find sum other fuckin better thing 2do, jus seems a lil f*ckin nicer when u put a lil star thing,,at least 4 me -peaCE