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Lameass Shareware

Y'know, I'm really sick of lameass shareware that should be freeware. C'mon, how long did this product really take to create? Three hours? As someone's "Gonna Teach Myself Some Cocoa" project? Please. $49 for a "site license?" Some people are just off their rocker.

3 Responses to "Lameass Shareware"

  1. Right on with that. They should have a whole new category called Lameware. This dude's golf app should be right up there with it.

  2. And isn't it funny that the navbar links don't work in Safari?

    From their main page: "IMPORTANT: Our website navigation does not work correctly in Safari. However we have given you image links that will direct you to each main part of our site." Hm.

  3. oh, for <FONT> and <STRONG> tags! that site looks like a case of dreamweaver 3.0 gone horribly awry.