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Hay, errr, Hy-Wire

hywire.jpgGM expects to have the new Hy-Wire car in production by 2020. What the hell takes so long? Seriously. Nothing's gonna work the bugs out faster than getting these things into the hands of a bunch of early adopters in the early 2010's. Hell, I wish my next car was one of these things, partly for the novelty, partly for the savings on gas (and lack of reliance on it), partly because I'd have a new toy. Am I an early adopter? Do the Greeks have a good tragedy or two?

2 Responses to "Hay, errr, Hy-Wire"

  1. Both Honda and Toyota already have hybrids out that offer substantial gas mileage increases (Honda Insight gets around 66 mph) using a hybrid battery-3 cyl. engine system. Very cool looking too. You should check that out. Then you don't have to wait for the 'laggard' US companies to develop this new market ... the Japanese always seem to do that anyway (unless you're for a retro American car look). 😉

  2. Both the Insight and Prius are economy cars and they'd already get very good gas mileage if they weren't hybrids. It adds only about 30%. Substantial reduction in gas mileage will come when they start putting hybrids (and more efficient engines) in oil-ta^H^H^H^H^H^HSUVs.

    Speaking of SUVs, hopefully more effort will be put into getting the manufacturers to lower bumpers (and headlights). Though it was funny, awhile back my neighbor who drives a Supra was hit straight on (though slightly offset) by an Excursion. Who won? Well, the Supra actually, as the Excursion was off balance from coming around the turn. The Excursion's front corner wheel just drove up over the Supra and flipped it flipped right over. The Supra was, for the most part, fine; it just had some damage to the bumper, a dented hood and cracked windshield.