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I emailed someone I haven't talked to in about four or five (six?!?!) years today. Laura is one of the most beautiful women I've ever known. She's one of the few people from high school I wish I still talked to (perhaps I will again soon), but most people… well I just don't care. If you weren't close with someone in an earlier stage of life, I'm not sure I see the point in going out of your way to try to get that closeness later.

Needless to say, there are a few people I wish I talked to more. Last I heard, Carey was living in Pittsburgh with some wealthy guy she married a few months after meeting him. Amy has supposedly popped out a few kids. Amy 2 is probably still living in China or Japan. I'd talk to Heather more often if she responded to email every now and then. 🙂 Beyond that, well, hell, I don't even know if I'll go to my reunion. If I do, it would be to satisfy my own curiosity about whether my predictions turned out right or not. If anyone wants to judge my life against their own, well, that's their problem. It's not a reason I'll be at a reuinion.

One Response to "Laura"

  1. I found reunions to be useful in one aspect you don't mention: who blossomed and BECAME someone I would want to keep in touch with.

    I think of "John", who was kind of a slacker and came from a background you'd figure he couldn't recover from. Well, he became a judge. I had a great time talking with him at my last reunion. He's still a down to earth soul, but has accomplished more than I ever would have guessed.

    And then there is "Mary". One of the beautiful ones. Turns out she had a partying life and made some bad mistakes. But she has trudged on and made a decent life out of the mess. I've come to admire her. Not many people would have endured that "drop from the top".

    For those reasons, it's worth going to your reunion and finding your own "gems" are.