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Mac OS X 10.3

From an unnamed source comes this, ahem, "gem:"

10.3 will be released later this year. It will move wholly to a metal-like interface, used consistently. It will feature a completely new (journaled) filesystem. The dock will be revised to allow more options, including a feature to put it into the menu bar (rather like LaunchBar). The Finder will be completely revamped, and be wholly replaceable. AppleWorks 7, re-written in Cocoa, will be released toward the latter part of the year. A new audio-editing tool will be previewed before MWSF next year. iPhoto Pro will be $49.99, and allow the user to store photos anywhere on their drive, and include a number of additional image manipulation options, and an SDK for others to create plugins. iCal and AddressBook will be Rendezvous enabled to facilitate group work. To support this, further extensions will be made to allow the creation of ad-hoc groups using a new admin utility. Apple will write their own Windows Media Player, and increasingly address integration with other Microsoft "standards". And probably most important of all, will finally have the "Window" capture menu item enabled.

For the humor impaired, well, never mind. You're too hopeless as it is.

One Response to "Mac OS X 10.3"

  1. I don't believe it. There's absolutely no way. There are things in this world that will never happen and believe me, this is one of them.

    Grab will never enable that menu option. Never. 😉