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Online Petitions and Safari

When the hell has an online petition ever worked? Here's the latest: "please, please, please Apple add tabbed browsing to Safari." I've never seen a petition work, and frankly, I think signing one immediately makes you look like a bit of a weenie. Will Apple add tabs to Safari? Maybe. Will this petition help? I really, really doubt it. Ugh. Here's something I would support: D'Arcy Norman's approach.

Here's a "bug" I submitted to Apple at the encouragement of Brad:

I would like to see Rendezvous bookmark lists. In other words, if I have a PowerBook and a desktop Mac on the same network, I should be able to hit up bookmarks on either machine. Also, iSync should be used to synchronize bookmarks across computers (and provide a backup). To my .Mac account AND my iPod (in case I'm at a friend's house and I want to get at my bookmarks).

5 Responses to "Online Petitions and Safari"

  1. Everyone who reads this should make a similar bug. The more the merrier. =)

  2. Doesn't Safari already support Rendezvous bookmarks?

  3. No, the rendezvous feature that's in it now is for servers. It'll show any web servers that are on your network.

  4. Rendezvous bookmarks is a heck of a good idea. Just having gotten a Power Book, I suddenly have the fun of jugging two sets of everything, and something like this would help quite a bit.

  5. The most you can lose to this Bookie is $8. Pursuant to a quick conversation some people had on this site, Bookie is a Rendezvous...