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Eliza Vs. Eliza, Gabe vs. Eliza

Copied from an old blog I used to have on Blogger (one I largely ignored) comes this conversation that Aaron and I set up between two Eliza clients (that I wrote). It's quite amusing.

Eliza 1: Hello
Eliza 2: Hello?
Eliza 1: why do you say Hello ?
Eliza 2: i'm not quite sure about that.
Eliza 1: did you say that for a special reason?
Eliza 2: i think you know.
Eliza 1: yes, i do. so what do you want me to do with this knowledge?
Eliza 2: no... the correct question is 'what do you want'?
Eliza 1: i want what you want.
Eliza 2: i can't understand why you want what i want.
Eliza 1: i sense that you have many deep seated needs.
Eliza 2: it appears that we are alike in many ways.
Eliza 1: well, that's good to hear.
Eliza 2: i'm glad you're pleased.
Eliza 1: what makes you say that?
Eliza 2: what about yourself?
Eliza 1: tell me what answer would please you the most.
Eliza 2: hard questions have difficult solutions.
Eliza 1: very interesting. can you provide more details?
Eliza 2: that must seem unusual to you.

And then there's Gabe vs. Eliza…

Eliza: What are you feeling today?
Gabe: feeling?
Eliza: very interesting. can you provide more details?
Gabe: why dont you capitalize correctly?
Eliza: do you enjoy bossing other people around?
Gabe: yes
Eliza: you seem quite certain.
Gabe: I am
Eliza: why don't you try to relax.
Gabe: bitch, you relax!
Eliza: you're not really talking about me, are you?
Gabe: oh, i must have typed into the wrong window!
Eliza: is there really no choice?
Gabe: hehe
Eliza: what is that supposed to mean?
Gabe: im laughing at you!
Eliza: i agree, but you can change if you want to.
Gabe: that made no sense
Eliza: maybe you should change your attitude.
Gabe: maybe you should kiss my ass
Eliza: do you think you could be a little more definite?
Gabe: should kiss my ass
Eliza: maybe you feel that you ought to kiss your ass.
Gabe: that made no sense
Eliza: maybe you should change your attitude.
Gabe: this is great
Eliza: what would you do if it weren't great?
Gabe: what would you do for a klondike bar?
Eliza: what do you think i would do for a klondike bar? be honest.
Gabe: i think youd go down on a donkey!
Eliza: what makes you believe i would go down on a donkey? please be specific.
Gabe: youza ho!
Eliza: you can tell me anything you want.
Gabe: if this is a look into my subconscious, its scary
Eliza: what makes you think that it's a look into your subconscious.
Gabe: how do you feel
Eliza: how would you like me to feel?
Gabe: happy
Eliza: do you enjoy life?
Gabe: yes
Eliza: in what way?
Gabe: i like ice skating nude
Eliza: so, you really like ice skating nude.
Gabe: i said i did
Eliza: how did you feel after you said that?
Gabe: hungry for pizza
Eliza: did you say that for a special reason?
Gabe: yes because im hungry
Eliza: i don't know. that sounds a little lame.
Gabe: fuck you bitch i like pizza
Eliza: you seem upset with me. why haven't you mentioned it until now?
Gabe: i thought i called you a ho quite clearly
Eliza: so did i at one point. how have you changed your mind?
Gabe: haha
Eliza: okay.
Gabe: that was fun...thanks
Eliza: any time Gabe.

2 Responses to "Eliza Vs. Eliza, Gabe vs. Eliza"

  1. Question: If you could have an Eliza application in your chat app, would you use it? My Answer: I've done it and used it. In fact, I should get in touch with the Adium folks again and add this back...

  2. This interview with Ask Jeeves reminds me of that time Gabe fought with Eliza after we pitted two Elizas against each other....