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Your 15 Minutes – Of Whining

It would that some people continue to need a bit of a reality check. What follows was spoketh by a Chimera developer following the release of Safari:

I'm torn about what to do with Chimera. It's obvious it will only ever be a marginal product on a even more marginal platform. AOL and Netscape have no interest in supporting it. Who aspires to be number two in an already over-commoditized space? Working my ass off for 3% just isn't any fun any more. Safari has already won, the rest is just to see by how much.

Now, perhaps it has nothing to do with Safari. Perhaps it is just as he says: it just isn't fun anymore. Otherwise, he'll get his fifteen minutes, and it'll be due to people like me (it's already happening), blogging him, linking to him, and otherwise saying "hey look at what this guy is saying." (Like this.) The only question I've got is: do you really want your 15 minutes to be spent whining about all the hard work you did and how nobody noticed?

Frankly, I'd be awfully damn proud if I was a core contributor to Chimera. The project progressed rapidly and, until Safari's release, was the most talked about browser on the Mac among the elite. And as Tim O'Reilly is fond of saying lately, the "alpha nerds" lead the pack. If you, oh mozpink man, are simply sick of the work, fine. Say as much and quietly recuse yourself from the project.

In other words, please avoid taking potshots on the way out.