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11-Digit Phone Numbers

A Slashdot article talks about the fact that New York City residents will soon be dialing 11 digits even to call their neighbors. Frankly, I couldn't care less, and I wish the phone systems of this country could simply settle on one darn standard.

Case in point: I'm in the 561 area code. To call my neighbors, I can dial 7 digits. To call some places in Broward County (954), I dial 7 digits: XXX-YYYY. To call some other places, I dial 954-XXX-YYYYY. And for still some others, I dial 10: 1-954-XXX-YYYY. No, the last two are not interchangeable. What's worse, the same freaking thing holds true for my own area code: 561. Some 7, some 10, some 11.

And of course, my cell phone behaves differently, and tends to "just work" far more frequently. And I never need the 1.

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  1. I got a text message from a 11 digit number but the first number doesn't start with 1 it is a 9. I can't call the number or text back. The date of the message freaked me out it said 12/31/36. What does this mean please help figure it out. It has bothered me for awhile I have to find out what it means.

    1. I usually get call from an eleven digit number from a girlfriend that is deployed over seas. It always starts with a number nine. Too all that have gotten a call, it may be a family member or friend trying to contact you from their deployments. I don't yet know how to call them back but so far that's all I cam say. However if you don't know anyone over their, don't answer. If you do and they don't speak in you're accent hang up immediately and never answer again. I know there are places that can download information directly from your phone just by you answering and staying on the line long enough. I hope this helps some of you figure this out.

    2. Whaat the hell!? I juust got onee todayy I'm juust onn youtubee && I liekk cut off a reallyy old glass doll's heaad && now all these freakky thiings keep happeniinng! Iits botheeriinn me soo baad :0 Iit called me 4 timees && thee numbeer iis 21620770551

    3. Read I received a text that I can't call r text back it keeps saying the number u filed has an incorrect code.but doing research on this number its from the California Malibu section 3105791442.i even tried contacting 411 to file it for me.and they stated its eighther a restricted number r just isn't listed.but everythings blank for me after that.

    4. Did you ever find any info on this? It's a computer generated number and I received one also informing me of something horrible. I wish I could figure out who sent it because it could very well be true and probably only way I will ever find out for sure..

  2. The same thing happened to me. Actually today, i recieved two calls from an eleven digit number with the first digit being a nine. When i tried to find out who the mystery caller was, it wouldnt let me return the call. Later, they called back but i was unable to reach the phone in time to pick it up. I really dont know who this is or why i cant call them back. Nothing freaky about the day it happened. I really want to figure out this situation.Please respond and help me out. What was ur number? Mine was 947-777-06779.

    1. Yes, very early in the morning I received a phone call from a girl with a foreign accent whose 11 digit number was similar, beginning with 947.
      Couldn't trace it, either.

  3. That happened to me too last night. I got a phone call at 3:59 am on my cell. I was asleep and thought it was my alarm clock so I turned it off. When I woke up, I tried to research the number and noticed it was an 11-digit phone number and that the first 3 numbers are a non-existent area code. Since I couldn't find any info on the number I tried redialing it but it doesn't go through. Mine didn't start with a 9 though, this is the # that called me: 277-412-37000. Did you ever find out anything about your caller?

  4. no i never found out who called me but they never called again but calling three times in like two days it what i thought was werid i think its werid they can call but u cant call them werid i hope you find who called u

  5. This has happened to me today. I got a call from what started out as a Louisville number (I live in Lexington) and so it seemed normal. I missed 15 calls while I was at work today on my cell from this number. Then I received 10 more this afternoon, and answered each one, but no one said anything. Sometimes it shows up restricted, other times with this strange number. I called my cell phone company and they don't know and I called the police and they said it's up to my phone company. I'm so freaked because they've called so many times. Please let me know what this is if you've figured it out. I will do the same if I find out anything.

  6. I got a call from an eleven digit number! It was 976-996-39997


  7. I got a call from an 11 digit number earlier today, it was 849-324-17355. i answered and couldn't understand a thing being said. so i hung up. it was pretty weird 😕

  8. I have been getting similar calls to that, but from 9 Digit numbers. Same deal, They can call me, but I cant call them back. I did catch one of them one day, because I was tired of getting called, and it was a woman with a very very heavy accent.

    1. I too have been receiving calls from 9 digit phone numbers. They change every day and call every day. They always start with area code 901 which is Memphis. I live in MS. Here's an example: 901-011-141. I've never answered but when I call back the number is not in service. It doesn't make any sense. I do not know anyone over seas. If you find out anything please let me know.

    2. I've also been getting calls from a 9 digit number. It starts with the local area code then 061-554. Does anyone know what this is?

    3. I received the 9 digit calls for about 5 weeks after posting on this site. They got less & less till eventually they just stopped. It's not just verizon. I'm with cricket. Even though it's frustrating... just be patient, don't answer any of them, & wait it out. They should stop at some point.

  9. This might have something to do with this, I'm not sure. I have been trying to dodge phone calls from my estranged mexican father for months. The last time I talked to him, he claimed that he was going to illegally enter the US through the canadian border, but I don't know if he has or not. I don't know how their phone numbers work nor if he has a canadian phone card nor pre-paid phone. All I know is that I've been getting phone calls from a 255 348 03277 number, also 200 000 00000 number and also a (no number) calls.

  10. Ok, I've done alot of research on this. 2 days ago I started receiving calls from (252)155-54691. I've been receiving between 20-30 calls a night from about 9pm to 9am. At least 1 every hour and between certain hours 5-6 in one hour. I answer the phone as soon as it rings and get nothing. The call is disconnected as soon as I answer. Most of them don't even appear in my call history. Calling my wireless provider they told me that I did not receive any calls during the night. And the only ones I did receive came from my own phone.... I don't know how that is possible because when I dial my own number it goes to my voicemail. WTF is this? Aliens? Hackers? International phone terrorists? Anyone have an answer?

    1. omg some1 from the number (252)155-30118 keeps calling me. it says its from north carolina. please i dont know who it is and when i answer the call it sounds like some1 breatheing into the phone. its really weird!

    2. I got three calls from an 11 digit number last night between 5am and 7am. The number began with 252 and my parent's area code is 252 so I was concerned that there was an emergency. This is really weird. Since last night was the first time this has ever happened, I'll wait and see if the number shows up again, but I would hate to have to change my phone number. This is so strange!

  11. It is Mexico, or another foreign country. My wireless provider will not explain it, it doesn't show up for them. The calls will not stop. I switched phone numbers. I am the same girl who wrote back in October. I really recommend changing your number. It won't stop until then.

  12. It happened to me as well. Here are all the numbers that were on my caller id.

    502 419 94478
    502 511 99519
    502 511 81268
    502 413 53394

    I did pick up the phone once and they were speaking Spanish; I asked them not to call back (in Spanish), but calls keep coming.

    1. Jin, I can say that 502 is the country code for Guatemala, someone is probably trying to reach a family member and have the wrong number, however, i might want to ask the phone company if someone had that number before.

  13. Jin,

    Some of those numbers called me too. Switch your number. It's easier...

  14. I just got a call today ant 9:32 am from 56984488162. I answered and it was man with a mild accent. We said hello a few times and then he said "Oh sorry" and hung up. Then he called back two minutes later!! But I let it go to voicemail because I got kind of scared. 😕 Has anyone received a call from this number??? This kind of freaked me out... And I really don't want to change my number. I've read all of the comments and it seems like they aren't interested in anything. None of them are asking for information and none of them are selling anything. Well, from what I've read. Have any of you spoke to them?? What are they saying?? Does anyone know what they want?? I mean, what's the reason for the calls??? To be annoying? Who has all this time to call random people all day and how did they get our numbers??? I'm very bothered by this. I never knew 11 digits could freak me out so much! lol 😆

  15. 5 get calls with the extra digit all the time--from telemarketers trying to either give me a better rate on my credit cards or sell me an extended warranty on my vehicle--I am on the do not call list and I have tried several time to ask my number to be removed from thei list--usually I get hung up on before I can finish 😡

  16. I got a call from an 11 digit number beginning with 348026449458 I don't know where it is from and they called 3 times in a row...weird and freaky.

  17. 😡

    I am so glad I found all of you! I have been getting calls JUST LIKE THIS and thought I was alone!

    Mine are from 506-222-74422. I regularly answer and tell them to stop calling in both Spanish and English and all I ever get is either silence or random heavily accented Spanish and then they hang up. And then they call again. And again. And again. Usually I get calls on Sundays. I recently went a few weeks without any calls, but I JUST got one at noon today and did not answer.

    I'm glad I didn't waste my time with Verizon trying to figure it out, I'm sure it'd be more of what all of you went through. Thanks for sharing and I hope someone figures out this madness! It is annoying and I'm not changing my number.

    1. 506 is the country code for Costa Rica, someone is trying to get a hold of someone and probably has the wrong number.

  18. I got a 371-670-58070 call today, I was trying to find out where it came from.... And I have no idea.... It doesn't realy match the Area Codes I've found. The closest one was the Northern Marania Islands or whatever they are called, south of Japan. 😕

  19. I got a call today like this, from 506-220-77586.

    I didn't answer though. I'm the type that never answers unless I know who is calling.

    No one should be calling my cell unless I've given them the number in the first place, which means they are in my contact list.

  20. I got 2 calls today- one right after another, like many of you have mentioned. Very weird...the number was the same number twice...
    467-341-85741... I didn't answer- just sent them to voicemail. Very strange.

  21. My son had the same thing happen to him. The number on his phone was 502-417-09797. I searched the web for international area codes and found a site that gave me an answer. His calls originated from Guatemala. Obviously a wrong number.

  22. I'm getting it too. Are all of you with Verizon Wireless? The first time it happened (several months ago) we called Verizon and they blocked the 11 digit number. It just started happening again with a different 11 digit number. Verizon say they can't block more than one number at a time (until July 9th for some strange reason...but they're going to charge us). I don't want to change my number. Is this just Verizon or are other companies experiencing the mysterious 11 digit dialers?

    1. I have verizon and just recently started recieving calls from 9 digit numbers (oregon is a 10 digit state)....the last number (10th digit) is always missing.

      541 071 838
      541 071 625
      541 071 404
      541 071 435
      541 071 215
      541 062 215 and so on

      There is no asnwer when I try a call back, in fact all I get is the number disconnected blah, blah message Today it has been 7 calls. Oh typically, its only 1 or 2 rings. Anyone got any ideas. 541 is an oregon area code. Anyone got any clues?

    2. I'm with Sprint and it happens to me. Though the number is this: 509-368-91654. Please help. I don't know who this is or why they call but they left me a voicemail and I can tell you that I am sure it wasn't in spanish, as I speak spanish mmyself. The calls have been coming at around 9 am and 6pm. Please help.

  23. These are calls from Nigerian 419 scammers. Trying to bilk you out of money I know because I am baiting a scammer as we speak 🙂

  24. I found out who my 11 digit phone number was from...

    My brother in Bahrain called me with an 11 digit phone number. i was scared to answer it at first cause it was 11 digits, but he left me a voicemail and was going to call me later....

  25. [quote comment="47454"]It happened to me as well. Here are all the numbers that were on my caller id.

    502 419 94478
    502 511 99519
    502 511 81268
    502 413 53394

    I did pick up the phone once and they were speaking Spanish; I asked them not to call back (in Spanish), but calls keep coming.[/quote]
    ha oh yeah! I live in naples fl and i keep getting a call from either 504 or 502 and sometimes 506 but the person is always speaking spanish when ever they do decide to talk and even if you tell them to not call back they do. also, for some reason you can't call the numbers back from the cell phone but if i call from a land line it'll go through but it just rings and rings until voice mail picks up. or one time my husband went to call the number back right after they called and the number was out of non existent. this is some freaky crap...and quite irritating!

    1. These aree country codes from central america, 502 guatemala, 506 costa rica ec.

    2. that is what NOT to do. these are scammers. they are calling hoping it is a landline. if you call back on landlines it will charge you thousands of dollars per minute. this has been going on for MANY MANY YEARS. but with cells, it doesnt work the same. so when you call back with your landline and you get a voicemail and you sit and listen to it, they are billing you!!! the costa rica numbers charge like 2050 dollars a minute.

      everyone needs to just ignore these calls. they are not aliens or anything like that. they are just scammers/con artists who are trying to steal your money. and its worth it to them to bug you, you just might give in and call on a landline!!! then its PAYDAY for them.

  26. Ive been getting calls from 849-136-58484 for a few months
    they only left 1 message and it was incomprehensible. I never answer it. problem is those 2am calls.

  27. I have gotten a few 11 digit phone calls from a 506 number...I am also a Verizon customer...

  28. i had a call from 502 422 30492 to my cell phone

    call duration was only 10 seconds with no response to me saying hello.

    second time was a 2 days but only 7 seconds.

    i didnt pay it any mind that the number was that long until a few days later after the second call.


  29. I got a call from an 11 digit that started with 506--looking on a map that is an area code for new brunswick. I don't know why it's 11 digits, but the poster who mentioned phone cards makes sense. Those of you who are freaked out should see a professional about your paranoia--except for Kari who had the year 2036 on her text. Even I am freaked out about that ❗

  30. A tip for those that don't want to change their phone number:

    Put the mystery caller's phone number into your contact list and set the ringer to none/silent. Voila - no more irritating multiple rings, or calls waking you in the middle of the night.

    I've done this in the past for persistant callers I no longer will speak with, and for my mystery 502 caller.


  32. This is the number that i get calls from 61390015770 and no one replies when i answer. i am so annoyed. 😡

  33. Well this is a very strange situation. I do live in Ohio and I have verizon. The numbers I have been getting are from

    August 1st, 506-220-01380, 11:24 am
    August 8th, 506-229-30654, 01:14 pm

    My phone has been currently disconnected before I got these calls.
    "Area code 506 is the telephone area code in the Canadian province of New Brunswick, encompassing the whole province.

    The incumbent local exchange carrier in 506 is Aliant (part of the Bell Aliant income trust), which was produced from a merger that included NBTel. Since 2005, local telephone service through Eastlink Communications has also been available in the town of Sackville.

    Additionally, +506 refers to the international access code to Costa Rica's telephone numbers."

    This coming from wikipedia. I am not sure what any of this means but they left a voicemail but I can't listen to it.

    1. I have family in New Brunswick and while it has the area code of 506 as far as I know there are no 11 digit phone numbers. They don't have the population base to need them. There are only 750 000 to 800 000 people in the whole province. I don't think anywhere in Canada has 11 digit phone numbers.

  34. Hey folks. I live in Baton Rouge, and this morning I began receiving these bizarre, 11-digit, calls to my cell. The number identified on caller ID was (506) 228-40346. I too would like to know the origin of these calls and their purpose.

  35. I'm a Verizon Wireless customer and have gotten 2 calls within the last couple of weeks from: 50622153718. I called it back from my cell and got an illegible fast-paced, chipmunk-sounding recording. I called from my land-line and a British woman's voice explained that the number is not assigned, then said it in French.

  36. Millions of mobile phone users are being subjected to a new wave of money making scams currently being carried out by a number of rouge agents set on taking advantage on the curiosity of the individuals they target.

    The "Missed Call" scam is very basic and extremely effective, dependant on no more than a return call from those mobile phone users trusting enough to believe that someone is trying to contact them for genuine reasons.

    So how does it work? � A computer is set up to pick numbers from a list and calls them automatically. After one ring the computer hangs up and the targeted handset indicates that a call has been missed. At this point completion of the scam relies on the owner of the mobile phone returning the call shown as missed on his/her handset.

    Curiosity is the key factor on which the success of this scam has been based, and the scammers know that a large percentage of phone users will almost always return a missed call simply to find out the origin and purpose of it.

    On returning the call, the owner of the targeted mobile phone is redirected to a premium rate telephone service and increasingly without his/her knowledge. The scammers then take this opportunity and ensure that the maximum amount of money is made from the call by entering into a lengthy conversation, generally relating to some bogus prize or competition.

    Often, it is not until the monthly statement arrives that the targeted individual realises that his/her phone has been subjected to a "Missed Call" scam and charged excessive rates for the privilege.

    1. I got one of the 506 calls this morning. I'm sick and wasn't thinking so I called the number back. As soon as a recording in spanish started I hung up and called my phone company to ask if there was any spams with that phone number going on. I have been worried all day about returning the call even though I didn't talk to anyone. Any advice? The number that showed on my mobile was 506-227-95158. I guess I'll be charged with a call to Costa Rica since that is where it showed the call went to. I feel so stupid even though I wouldn't have done it if I wasn't feeling bad.

  37. Grrr...I just got one that was 506-228-85948, and I am not verizon, Im with cellcom. I didnt answer it, but Im very curious as to who it would be...I am on the no call list. 😕

  38. Hi I got a call from a +50622422144 and I answered it. It was a recording to reduce your credit card interest rates. If you want to reduce your interest rates push 1, so I did so I could tell them not to call me at all. A man with a heavy accent answered and said "did you push 1?" I said "Yes, to tell you to take my number off your list" and he hung up without saying anything. I tried calling back but my phone said it was an international call. I searched for the country code and found that 506 is for Costa Rica. My phone service is with At&t.

  39. I am glad I am not the only one with this situation. About an hour ago I received a miss called from 506-225-37618. I googled it a bit before finding this and it did say something about 11-digit phones numbers coming from other countries. Like someone else, I saw that it may have come from New Brunswick, Canada because the area code is 506. As far as U.S. area codes go, I believe 506 showed up for either Arkansas or South Dakota.. with the experiences I have read on this page, I doubt the number originates from the U.S.

    I didn't try to call the number back, but I did send a text to the number. It seems to have gone through, but I didn't get any automatic messages back saying it was out of service or a landline.. Since I use Verizon, that normally happens. The person who posted something about the "missed call scam"- I wonder if they have any official information on this, or where they gathered it from? Surely by now the phone companies should be able to provide some information on this situation, if it's more than several people. Unless, of course, they are somehow at fault either being unable to prevent it or unable to stop it?

  40. I also just recieved a call from a 506#. If anyone can figure this out, please let me know. The number was 506 229 60159.

  41. I've been getting these too! I finally picked up and it was a "credit service" wanting to know if I wanted my interest rate lowered. So I pressed 1 was connected to Dave who would not identify what credit service he represented and went into his spiel..when i asked him how he can tell my credit payment history from my phone number, he asked me for my social security# yea I dont think so..i asked to be removed from his call list and hung up. Upon calling my wireless carrier to complain about this, I was told to put my number on the I explained that it was , then he gave me an option of paying $4.99 a month to get the block number option put onto my phone Seems like you have to pay a price for piece of mind huh? so if you get 506-220-42711 or 506-223-01621 its a scam.

  42. Started getting 506 numbers a few days ago. Just got a call about 20 mins ago. Sounds like a scam. I have Sprint and usually it'll show me where the calls are coming from, like what state. No such thing with these numbers. I don't care to know who's on the other side of these calls. I just better not be charged for any of them. Changing my number might be an option if it continues. Here are the numbers I'm getting:

    506 228 44454
    560 229 37755

    Them seem to always have repeating numbers...hmm...

  43. I got a call from a # that was 01150622550239. Is that the same thing as being called from those scammers? I have never seen a phone # using so many digits. If anyone has any information that would let me know who or what this may be, I would really appreciate it. I have not tried calling the back number back nor do I intend to call it back but I am curious of who or what it may be.

  44. I received a call on my home phone, not a cell phone. It was from 5-062-243-2784. Notice the extra digit just like all the other messages here. My caller ID said "out of area".

    I don't answer numbers that I don't recognize. I wait for them to leave a message and either pick up or erase the message.

    I tried to call the number but it said it was not in service! How could a number not be in service if it called someone!??

    I have searched online and aside from this log, I haven't found much. I've tried listing it different ways without the extra digit with no luck.

    There are spammer sites where you can report telemarketers and such and add your comments. If you want one, it's .

    I don't think this is any kind of "other worldly thing" or a conspiracy thing going on here. I believe it has to be telemarketers or collection agencies or someone trying to sell something. I just wish there was more information about it somewhere. It is annoying at the most.

  45. I just got 2 calls in the course of 4 hours that had 11 digits in them. I was never planning to call them back, but just struck my curiousity to see what was going on with them. I've got an AT&T Cell phone, and will check with them to see if there were any additional charges added the bill for these calls. I had two different numbers... +50622159512 and +50622545420.

  46. Eric-

    I got a call from the same number 50622545420 on the same day...mine happened at 6:37PM eastern time. Any word on who it was?

  47. I recieved a call on aug15 506-227-11187. I am also with verizon. I am wondering if possibly verizons records got into the hands of a bad employee and then they sold the numbers to scammers or whatever. I work at a bank and hear about all kinds of scams. wierd as hell. the day i got the call i was at work so i didnt answer i didnt actually realize it was a 11digit number til about 15 mins ago. id been trying to call the number back with my number blocked for the past few days but only included two of the numbers 1 in the number that i called and got sent to a voicemail. then when i noticed it was 11 i got online and checked it out on google. i have found any info except for ur guys posting on here. ill let u know if i find anything else out. i tried to call it with the 11 digits and it got a message from verizon. this stuff is pretty wierd. i wonder if they'll call agian. at first i thought it was a bill collector cause ive gotten phone calls from odd numbers from them but this obviously isnt that.

  48. This just happened to me as well, first time though. I never answer if I don't recognize the number.

    I'm not with Verizon though, I'm an Alltel customer in North Carolina. First I got a call from "UNAVAILABLE". I've never had one of those. Sometimes I get a wrong number that says "Private" or "Unknown", but never an "UNAVAILABLE". I didn't answer, and then immediately I get a call from 506-220-75774.

    Hasn't called again yet.

  49. I just this second got one from 796-212-61317. I answered and they were talking in russian. I started talking back in spanish and they switched to english and said "hey tonya", but when I switched to english they switched back to russian and then hung up. No idea crazy shit though, glad I'm not the only one. I was texting my ex and got the call so I figured it was her bf gettin mad.

  50. My mom has been getting these calls. I am 10 years old and my mom said it could be people trying to link their phone bills or whatever onto your phone, so you guys should be really careful. and of course it could be some stupid kids trying to prank you. When i get a number that is wrong i just say wrong number and hang up. But today my mom was talking to someone, and all of a sudden she couldn't hear anything but then she heard a mans voice then the call just hung up. weird weird weird. 😐 The best thing to do is just not answer it and delete all voice messages.

  51. I have been getting 11 digit phone calls on my cell phone as well as my home phone.
    I done a reverse number look up in canada..

    The number 506 22882181 comes from

    Baie-Sainte Anne, Nb, NB

    But that is not to say that there isn't another place who has a 506 area code with 11 digits in their number.

  52. i just got one - 506 222 3 8716

    i really want to figure out who it is

  53. just adding to the convo:

    Location: Ohio
    Carrier: Cincinnati Bell

    😈 so annoying

  54. I got one of these calls a few weeks ago and thought nothing of it. I didn't pay attention to the number. But yesterday I received another one from 506-223-69028. I didnt realize the number had 11 digits before I answered. It was one of the card services scams and I pressed 1 to ask for them to remove me again. When I did, the operator hung up on me. I tried calling it back and that was when I realized it was 11 digits. The call doesn't go through. I did a bit of research and it appeared it could have been a Costa Rica number as 506 is their international code. I got worried and called my phone provider and was told as long as it was incoming, if it were from another country, I would not be charged. Customer only gets charged for outgoing international calls. So, I'm still researching because it makes me so angry that these people do this constantly and there is no way to trace them or make it stop. From what I have read elsewhere, there is a way they are making these phone numbers show up so it cannot be it may not even be in the area of what your phone says. 😡

  55. 20181411405 is the number I keep getting I am a verizon customer and I live in oregon. There is no way that this is a telescam because they dont answer to sell me anything.

  56. Like another poster above, I don't give my cell number out to anyone I don't want calling me. I have received a few of these calls on my cell recently. Two showed up as "Private". In the past, the only time a number ever showed up as "private", it was my ex calling. We have been broken up for some time and he has called since then, so when a "private" call came in the first time a few weeks ago, I did not answer. When another came the following day, I answered just to tell him not to call me anymore. It was, instead, a woman speaking in a very strange Spanish accent. My ex is Mexican, so I assumed this still had something to do with him. Now I'm getting these 11-digit numbers coming in. This is the third that I've received in the last week. (Really annoying because the 4 of the total of 5 calls were in the middle of the night.) I considered calling the number back-which is when I discovered the 11-digits. I immediately thought phone scam.
    I remember the scam from many years back about phone companies in the US switching your phone service on you without you being aware until you got the bill. ( That scam has been stopped by new phone laws. ) I wondered what was going on this time. I did a Google search on 11-digit phone numbers and came up with this site. Good to have some info finally.

    I think Joe's post from Aug. 12 above is right. Do not call the number back. I'm not sure how to stop the calls but the poster that suggested putting the number into you contact list and programming the ringer to be silent when it comes in is probably a good idea just to avoid the annoying 3am calls.

    BTW- my service in not with Verizon or any of the others mentioned here, so don't think if you just switch to another carrier, the calls will stop. Changing your number may work, but for how long? And what a pain. And they do not come from just 506. Mine are coming from 849-377-56159. I noticed someone else here that received an 849 call. My guess is that the numbers are not coming from all these different countries (Canada, Nigeria, an island off of Japan, Costa Rica...) It is more likely a computer system that is re-routing these calls. You can make a call look like it's coming from anywhere.

    You can bet, I'm going to be doing more research on this. And I'll be telling everyone I know (unless I don't like them) about this scam.

  57. I got 3 calls from "unavailable" this week, one each day, and when I finally answered, the caller asked for a person I'd never heard of (in a spanish accent)...I said it was a wrong number, and to stop calling. I didnt think too much of it.

    Today I got a call from 506-227-56762. I havent called it back, and can only find the info I've found on this website...I just wondered if the "unavailable" calls were related to the crazy 11-digit call. No answers, just thought I'd share. Very weird.

  58. I got a "RESTRICTED" call yesterday, which I have never had before. Today, sure enough I got a call from a 506 area code phone number with an extra digit. Neither call resulted in a voicemail. It seems there is definitely a correlation between the blocked Caller ID and the 11 digit number. Is everyone that is getting these calls on the do not call registry? I signed my cell phone number up on it a while ago and have never had a problem with telemarketers.

  59. I also got a call from an 11 digit number with a 506 beginning. No message was left, and I found this site before I called back. I am also on the Do Not Call registry, but I recently ordered some items from various vendors online for the first time. I wonder if there is a connection. The DNC registry would not apply for vendors with whom you have some sort of business already. Have any of you recently done business with a company right before you received these calls?

    1. we have just gotten 3 calls in a row first two were33630204337 - then when i said hello there was a strange accent that just kept repeating hello - i hung up and immediately got another call from a wrong number so i was a little annoyed - what is really going on?

  60. got a call from :


    glad i found other people with this , guess its just scammers and i will not be calling back. thanks everyone

  61. I recd 2 of these calls today, both listed at 1:22 pm. I do not answer my phone @ work so didn't have the chance to answer. Both calls came from 506-228-14178.
    I am an Alltell customer in Wyoming. I am on the do not call list and I give my cell# to no one other than family. Changing your number is really a pain and bottom-line, we shouldn't have to ❗ There has to be some way of guarding against this type of garbage. It kinda puts you in mind of the 'spammers' who constantly try to flood your e-mails with cookies/hijackers, etc. Some people have waayyy too much time on their hands!

  62. I do business with a few vendors online but none of them EVER get my cell#. I don't give it out to anyone for that purpose.

  63. So glad I found this thread. Just got two calls in a row (I ignored the first and 10 seconds later the phone started ringing again from the same number), no voicemails. The number was 5-062-282-8337. Thanks to all of the above posts I definitely won't be answering if they call again.

  64. Here's a new one. I got a call yesterday from a 1-0 number. I didn't catch the whole thing before my caller ID display faded out. This one came to my work. I've been really aware of these calls since finding this site and have made it a regular habit to check the caller ID on my work phone. We have gotten a zillion 5-0whatever numbers but this time it was something like 10x-xxx-xxxx. Are there US area codes that begin with 1? I didn't check the caller ID until after I had answered this time. It was someone speaking in a heavy accent and didn't seem to be a customer so I hung up on them. I'm getting paranoid now.

  65. I have been getting phone calls from 11 digit numbers for a while now... only four total, but they've been spread out over the past few months. The first time I chalked it up to a wrong number from another country and deleted it.

    But the second time was Aug 14 3:39pm from 506-225-97833

    And today was the third and fourth time Aug 29 9:59am and 10:00am from 506-223-80940

    I don't answer numbers I don't know as many of the previous posters. But it is a pain to get a phone call during the day and thinking it is something important, only to find it is just someone trying to waste my time. 🙁

    I am also with Verizon, and it troubles me that so many more Verizon customers seem to have this problem in comparison to other providers. Seems a bit odd, don't you think?


    Note the code for the US is 1, so it's possible that someone in a foreign country has accidentally added or removed a digit from the number they wanted to call, and ended up dialing the USA When dialing from your mobile phone, you usually only have to add a + in front of the number for it to dial internationally..

    Caller ID numbers generally ARRIVE at your (US) phone with the 1 in place, but the phone knows to strip em off, as people are easily confused. 😯

    Calls from overseas retain the full number complete with country code.

    Be not afraid, these scary foreign voices on the phone mean you no harm. They are just as bewildered.

  67. I got 6 calls this morning on my cell phone(unlisted gov. number)

    Same 11 digit number each time, 316 454-93046.

    I've been looking for a site that can tell me where it originated from,but have been unable to trace this number.

    If the 316 is an area code then it comes from Langfang China or Whitchita, Kansas.

  68. So glad I found this website! I just received one those 11 digit numbers and like I do with all numbers I don't recognize, I head for the Net. I have TMobile and have only received one other of these type of calls months ago. Here's another one to add to the list: 50622835793. I'm also on the DNC list.

  69. I just received a call from 506-225-71688 but didn't answer. I saw that some people who answered said that it played a message asking if they wanted their credit card rates lowered. Yesterday I received a call from a local number, 302-703-3000, but the caller ID said "INTL. NUMBER" (international number maybe?). The message said press 1 to lower credit card rates and press 2 to remove your name from the list. I pressed 2. I'm assuming that this call was from the same caller as the 11 digit one, but I wonder how they were able to make the first phone call come up as a local number. This was not on my cell but my landline which is Comcast.

  70. 9/3 6:18pm

    This isn't about the 11 digit number but the local number I received a call from yesterday, 302-703-3000. I just got a call from the same number, same name on the caller ID (INTL NUMBER). This time it said that the warranty on my car is about to expire, press 1 to talk to someone press 2 to remove name from list. I just hung up. When you call it back it says "due to network difficulties, your call cannot be completed at this time". I'm posting this here because the first call I got from this number said the exact message that others have reported the 11 digit number said and I received a call from the 11 digit number not long after that call. Plus the name on the caller ID says international number. I think they are related somehow, so beware of any local calls with either of these messges too!

    More info about international calling scams:

  71. From The Help Desk in Langley , Virginia , 09/03/2008 . I know of people who have received calls with 11 digits . None of which are "Government Numbers" alright .... Good Luck & Best Regards - 007-out

  72. I am on altell and recieved a 12 digit number missed call at 5:19 am. The number is 820-318-225086. Anyone have any clues?


    1. I'm with Sprint. I also received a 12 digit call, mine was at 1:59 am, from number 820-415-647370. I'm having trouble finding any other info about what this could be, anyone have any new info?

      Thank you.

  73. I recieved 3 of these 11 digit numer calls today from two different numbers. All within two hours. I had missed the calls and noticed them later and was wondering about the extra digit. I didn't call back but looked online and found this website. I'm not sure who is right about this. It is weird that it's been happening for so long. Glad I found this site though.
    The numbers that called me are
    I guess I'll put the numbers in my phone and set it to silence like someone else sugested for I feel since so many others have had the same problem that it would be a waste of time to change my number.
    by the way my phone carrier is Verizon and I live in Oregon.

  74. i just got one too just like some others here... got a call from an unavailable then no more then an hour later got 2 calls from a 11 digit number 506-223-42813

  75. Had a vm last week from 506-220-92793... when accessed I got the last part of a recording to the effect of "... your chance to get credit. again this is the last chance for this special opportunity. press 1 for your account manager press 2 to remove your number..." etc. I deleted immediately. As I have said, no one has my phone number with a few exceptions, but here's a thought... is it possible that these numbers are being picked up from sites that people are downloading ringtones etc from? That may give a commn thread regardless of service provider or locaion. Like I said, just a thought...

  76. im also getting the same thing but its a 12 digit number

    starting with 919701544319

    i threatened to kill them if they called back and they have called till this day in 1 week 🙂

  77. I live in Ohio and also have Verizon. I got a call yesterday from919-985040027. When I answered, the man had a very heavy Indian accent and just kept saying hello , like he couldn't hear me. I kept telling him he must have the wrong number, but he kept saying, no,no, wrong number. Like maybe he was just trying to keep me on the line, or something. It sounded like a lot of people in the background. After I hung up, he called back four times! Unnerving, but I wouldn't answer. No calls today, so far. But I will not be calling back. Glad I'm not the only one.

  78. I can't believe I found other people with the same issue! I received my first cell phone call on Sept. 12 from 506-224-91693 and today received one from 506-227-37275. I don't answer the calls or call back. I wonder if telemarketers have found a way to break the law because I am on the no call list... 😡

  79. We've been getting 11-digit phone number calls like others noted above - the same 506 prefix, but when I answer, no one is there... and we are on the no call list. Obviously, "they" found a way to skirt the issue.... 😡

  80. I received a partial vm from this 10 digit # this morning...386-447-4875. It was almost, if not, identical to the partial vm from the 11 digit # a couple weeks ago. I ran a search and this number comes back as a FL landline.

  81. I have been receiving calls all morning from 66841046931. Has anyone heard of this number? Since I have a Verizon pre-paid cell, and only get charged the daily fee if I make or answer a call, I have been ignoring the call. I also feel creepy about the number of times that number has dialed me.

    1. Hi i got a call from 66802780996 on friday it called me twice in a row and left no message i tried calling it back but the message told me that i dialed the wrong number and to please try again. ???

  82. I'm guessing what we are all seeing are 10 digit numbers that are "generated" from Costa Rica.

    See, the do not call list can only be enforced on companies calling from a domestic line. Our government can't enforce squat in costa rica.

    I'm also going to take a wild guess and say that for most of these calls, they are planned in the us, by us companies. The call then gets sent to some remote phone bank in costa rica, that regenerates a completely legal call with an international phone number in which you and our government can not take action with. That is, until the rules get rewritten (sooner rather than later i hope) and penalties are stiffened to the point where it's everything and the kitchen sink on these re-routing schemes.

    Or I could be off my rocker...

  83. Solution:
    I have a pc that runs non-stop for other reasons. Since it's on all the time, I bought a 'Rosewill RNX-56USB' modem (cheap). We are all on this board because we have caller id. This modem has caller id too. I also have the software from traysoft (free, but if you end up liking it, you should really consider donating). Vialla, you block specific numbers.

    Sorry if this is going on with your cell phone. That sucks. We should all cancel our cellphones on the same day and temporarily use prepaid phone service. Go without service for a week or month and tell them we want specific number call blocking for free and when it is, you'll sign back up.
    We could tack in other things like no more 6+ month service agreements. They'd do it, if enough consumers under agreements with a single carrier banded together to make that much of an impact on the final month of their fiscal year. If 10,000 service agreements at $50/mo were gone in the month or two prior to the end of their calendar.... Investors will not like that half mil loss, and they will not like closing the books that way.

  84. Just today, I received a phone call at 5:20PM on my cell phone. They left no voicemail however I noticed that the number on the caller ID had 11 digits.


    No one really has my cell phone number. So once I saw this on my caller ID I went to research it and I was unable to find anything.

  85. I received two calls on my cell from an 11 digit number today. It was the same number calling me. I figured I would google it. I came to this site. I searched and the call came from El Salvador. People seem to be pranking in new ways these days.

  86. I get the same things from a couple different numbers and area codes. They're always changing so it's impossible for me to block them. 🙁 I'm with Verizon and have contacted them, but there is nothing I can do. I have even reverse looked up the numbers that are only 10 digits and contacted the listed service provided. Nothing. I originally filed a complaint with the donotcall registry thinking it was a real company and I accidentally put the scammer's number in my number line, and the number that called me had been added to the registry! That's when I started to pull things together. I don't think these are the scams to get you to call back and bill you phone charges. They are fake credit card companies and I guarantee if you fell for it, they would ask you for the security code on your card. I'll probably change my number eventually. In the mean time I just file scam complaints.

  87. According to these 11-digit numbers are a "spoofed" numbers, which means that whoever called you "tricked" your caller ID to display an incorrect phone number. Telemarketers do this so you cannot complain.

    On my phone, they come through as 5-062 +7 digits (not 506). CallerComplaints lists them as 062 numbers. If you get an actual area code call, you can look it up on CallerComplaints and find out who the company is. No one has yet been able to trace a spoofed call back.

    Even if you are on the FTC registery, these calls come through computer randomization. They always seem to occur on my cell during the noon hour and at dinner time around 7:00 pm (EST). Typical telemarketer calling times. I just silence my phone and don't answer.

  88. Ok, I've been making calls with an 11 digit number. My wife is in Haiti with bakery ....yeah that's the ticket (I'm not at liberty to say why she is there) The cell phone she uses is an 11 digit number prefixed by 011 then 509 -the world is getting smaller so it's no wonder there are all sorts of wacky sequences out there. Hope this helps

    1. i got a number of calls from a 509 number someone called me a couple days ago 3 times but i wasnt able to pick up
      was the number

  89. the same thing happened to me cell rang and i looked at the number and was like what was +50622982839 i never answer my phone if i dont know the number. i figure if its important theyll leave a message the same with missed calls if i dont know the number oh well not calling them back. but right after the first call like not even a minute later the number called back again but i ignored it again and waited to see if they'd leave a message but nope. its a little weird though. im also on the do not call list.

  90. i got a call today from a 506.225.88955. i didnt think about it at first been then i got curious. i searched for a while for country codes etc then found this website THANKFULLY! if you go to you can put yourself on the do not call list for home and CELL phone numbers. im hoping that the calls will now stop. good luck

  91. Curious how that will work Julie. is a national list, not, an international list. If you are getting telemarketer calls from over seas, they make not give a fig about sign me curious

  92. I have been getting calls for over a year now on my Sprint-Nextel. The number that shows up on my caller id is: +50622168345. Does anyone know if these calls are just a nuisance or are they malicious in any way?

  93. 😈 😈 😈

    These are Costa Rican calls... my 506 11- digit calls have been coming in for over two years at random. My blackberry used to identify them as Canadian (only because that is what it was programmed to do), but I know these calls are for no good. All of them are scams for reducing your credit card debt, or to get a better rate, or to extend your factory warranty on a car you sold 5 years ago. The fact is they are trying to get your information by a number of means, but routing your call back to a premium service doesn't seem to fit in this scenario. The best thing to do is to save the numbers and set them to silent when they call if you don't want to change your number.

    I think there is so relation to our voter's registration information since it seemed to start when I did that. Or maybe the DMV info got hacked.

  94. 506 220 13751

    i got one too

  95. 506-220-48377

    Lower my credit card rates -haha

    Told the guy I spoke to someone about three weeks ago to take my name off the list and she stated that she would.....he told me "you will never be taken off, we will call you every day" I said that isn't a very good attitude and he stated "I know I am good at it" then hung up.

    They are not only trying to scam you they are rude at it :O)

  96. I got a text,the text was blank, the number was +1-310-901-06310, the date on it was dec. 6 2019 1:30 pm,when in reality it was oct. 25 5:00 pm..I tried calling and the number does not exist,I texted bak and it went through but never got a reply

    1. Tha number i got was 1-717-901-06210..... and tha text message date was 12/06/2019......... bt i dont member the time.. our numbers are almost tha same juss tha area codes r different.. tha area code is actually my area code... instead of yer 3 mine is a 2...... soooo weird..... and by tha way for tha others out there... CHANGING YER NUMBER DOESNT WERK..... this happened to me about 2 years ago wen i had cingular... i had gotten txt messages all tha time dating 2019 and it was always been a 901 number... and tha other 5 numbers following it r always different.. i dont understand because now i have tmobile a different number and 2 years later.... it wont leave me alone..... i feel like im being stalked and they finally found me.... i dont like it at alll.

  97. I have Alltel wireless and am located in Ohio. The numbers I am getting are 11 digit and I called and made a complaint to my service provider (as the numbers are non-existent). I was told these calls were computer generated via caller id spoofing thru websites and various internet telephony software. I keep getting calls from 5-062-243-5446 and 5-062-289-5288 and New brunswick is just not plausible. I have found similar spoofing sites on the internet such as: if anyone wants to take a look?? I have not tried it. Thanks, Mellissa

  98. 81356569006


  99. 😈 506 227 59882 ELEVEN DIGIT #
    bs scammers, trying to make me lower my credit rate blah blah blah i filed a 1088 with the FCC and a complaint to the FTC as well this evening.
    got a call at 735 pm while im eatin dinner with my family wtf!!
    before i can tell him take me off the list they hang up on me!!!!
    ,.. fokkers!

  100. This is so creepy. I got two calls within a few minutes. Seriously. One with no number and the other, the phone number that called was 2-656-617-9923. I, too, am a verizon customer, but I recieved the call on my home phone, a completly different company. Whoever it was didn't leave a message or anything. I am so freaked out. 😯 ❓ ❗ I got these phone calls at 7:23 to 7:26 pm.

  101. I got a call from 50622909404 while i was watching ghost hunters and frankly, im quite scared.i thought it was a ghost but then i looked this website up but i need to know if tats a real number because im very paranoid right now. ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ 😯 🙁

  102. I get calls on my cell ALL the time from 506-221-37589! I don't answer them thinking I'm gonna get charged like a million dollars a second or something.......... :mrgreen:

  103. [quote comment="47909"]:mad:

    I am so glad I found all of you! I have been getting calls JUST LIKE THIS and thought I was alone!

    Mine are from 506-222-74422. I regularly answer and tell them to stop calling in both Spanish and English and all I ever get is either silence or random heavily accented Spanish and then they hang up. And then they call again. And again. And again. Usually I get calls on Sundays. I recently went a few weeks without any calls, but I JUST got one at noon today and did not answer.

    I'm glad I didn't waste my time with Verizon trying to figure it out, I'm sure it'd be more of what all of you went through. Thanks for sharing and I hope someone figures out this madness! It is annoying and I'm not changing my number.[/quote]

    I got 2 calls from 506-222-93344. Eerie resemblance and doubtful that's coincidence. What numbers do you guys have? I have a Houston area code number.

  104. So, I have been getting non-stop calls from this number.
    252 1583 5949.
    It stopped two days ago, but today I recieved a text from this number around 4:30 this morning.
    this is what it said:

    c/qaadir waad salaaman tahay anigoo ah c/qaadir aadan cali aad ayaan uga humaaday telfon kaaga hadaan soowaco ma iga qadaneey sid ee du cadeeda ayaan uba

    does anyone know what language this is?
    and how the hell it knows my name?!

  105. Great blog! I got one today on my Verizon cell phone from 50622258681, usual bullshit about card services wanting to lower my rates.

  106. hi Me.,
    i just got a call from 252 6235 2530, and suspecting that it was an international number, i tried to find the closes international calling code. turns out it's most likely from somalia... so i guess the text you got is in somali. :\ did they SAY your name or do they just know your number? if they said your name somewhere in the text then it's a bit concerning. otherwise i'd assume just a wrong number. probably they got your number AND name from a list somewhere. but so far the fact that they sent a text message is fairly unusual. if they didn't say your name, it'd have be chalked up to a wrong number, but...

    i didn't answer my call and i just got it this morning. :\
    hopefully that will be the only one.

    anyway, it's quite a relief to know that i'm not the only one this has happened to. thanks guys!

  107. hey every body, 🙂 , back home we had a crisis about this few years ago coz some scam hackin' groups got acoount info. somehow (and i think thy call alot coz its hard). THEN, ppl started to get some long distence numbers on thier bills that the never called 😯 . And there was a notice from the communication department; saying never answer ,,,,guss thoes hackrs are pissed now :mrgreen:


  108. This morning I got two calls at 10:28 and 10:29, one was from an 11 digit number 506-221-74298, I know I have received a call from this number before and have never answered. The second number to call was 626-207-9193 and when I looked this number up there were plenty of links to pages that were complaints about this specific number and how its some sort of scam. Anyway im wondering what these two numbers have to do with eachother, it seems to coincidental for two weird numbers to call me on the same day, a minute after eachother....

  109. ❓ got another 11 digit call today my hubby is in iraq and thought it might be him boy was i wrong the person on the other end is not from here bet its just a scam of some sort i told them to screw off .... the number that called me was

    1506-224-33653 so anyone gets a call from this number dont answer it

  110. We have received two phone calls to our VoIP comcast home phone... the first one was yesterday morning at 5:30 and the 2nd was this morning at 6:30... the number is 6-685-387-6804. This happened a few months ago as well... three nights in a row they called around midnight, 1 am and 2 am... the second night I answered and all I heard was heavy breathing which TRULY SCARED THE CRAP OUT OF ME! I couldn't get back to sleep for several hours, just to have my alarm clock go off shortly after! Very irritating, but hoping it will stop after day three like last time.

  111. We are getting calls from an unknown 11-digit number for 2 months 480-661-47327. Call comes at the middle of night or during the day. It's a woman. I tried speaking to her, but without any results -- she mumbles something and hangs up.
    I can't understand what she wants. It appears on my caller ID as 4-806-614-7327.

    1. Here's the wierdest of all....I have a cell for work and a cell for personal, they are both on all the time. Got 3 calls in the middle of the night a few days ago....on both phones!!!! Two different carriers, now that is really scary. Since my husband's dad is quite ill of course you wake up with a start and run to your phone. I didn't answer the first time because I'd never seen an 11 digit # come in with that area code....and then about one minute later another call with the same # came to my other phone, I didn't pick up, and then about two minutes later same thing on that phone.
      Very disconcerting when you have young adult kids, sick parents, you don't want to turn your phone off, but ..... the # was 277-295-94651

  112. Oh my goodness! I am so happy I found this site! I have been getting these weird 11 digit phone calls since the summer of this year. I never answered them because I figured if I answered my phone, the bill would be sky high plus if it was really important the person would leave a message. I've been trying to do the reverse phone number lookup, but didn't have any real luck. I did find out the area code is from New Brunswick, Canada. It's crazy that I still get these calls because I am on the "Do Not Call Registry".

    I actually just recieved a call tonight around 10:03 pm eastern time from 506-224-43628. After reading some of the comments on this site, I finally got the guts to call the number, but didn't have any success. I just got the operator saying "your call could not be completed as dialed."

    Everytime I seem to get these calls the numbers are different. Here are some other numbers that I still had in my call log:

    506-229-23602 called Dec. 23, 2008 9:47 p.m.
    506-224-16860 called Dec. 12, 2008 2:36 p.m.
    506-220-54433 called Nov. 21, 2008 2:02 p.m
    506-221-94858 called Nov. 19, 2008 9:45 p.m

  113. Hi, I received calls from 11 digit phone number three times within 10 minutes. Very annoying 'cause I had to hold my international call that many times. The number on my cell phone showed
    I am a verizon wireless customer.

  114. For the next person searching for info on this topic...I received a call today (Jan 8, 2009) from 506-225-27932. It's a Canadian pre-fix but I didn't know it at the time. I answered and the recording said "we've been trying to reach you, this is your last chance to reduce your credit card interest rates. Press 1 now to do so." Since I didn't recognize the number, and it was 11 digits instead of 10, I hung up.

    It is obviously a scam designed to get you to divulge credit card information in exchange for an interest rate drop they have no ability to give you. Best advice is to hang up/not return the call from any 506 prefix unless you initiated the call or know the caller personally.

    As South Park would say, BLAME CANADA!!!!


  116. there is this guy texting me on my phone from an 11 digit cell phone number, and he said stuff like runaway and other stuff.
    where is that number from?
    what should i do?

  117. for the past two weeks or so i have been getting random calls from an eleven digit number i have tried call my phone company to figuer out if they know anything but they have no clue. I live in canada and am with rogers the number that keeps calling me is 141 600 02297. i answered it today and there was nothing on the other line. it was open for about 6-8 seconds then it was diconnected. any one know what to do here

    1. also a 177 892 89375, 141 664 52105.

  118. I recently got a call from the number +50766670693, and I've never seen an 11-digit phone number before, and I was wondering if anyone else has gotten a call from this number... Also, they did leave a message - I couldn't understand what it said, but my brother said their accent sounded German or Russian......

  119. I just posted a while ago, and just remembered something-
    the first three digits of the phone number are the same as my area code..................that's 507, but I've been reading some of the other comments and it says that they're 506, so I'm confused......

  120. I just received a call from a 509-373-22885. I kept pressing ignore but he/she kept calling back. I finally picked up and he/she was speaking in a language I never heard before. I don't think it was Spanish because I would recognize it. Strange and creepy. 💡

  121. I have been getting alot of calls from a nine digit phone number,
    Has anyone else been getting these, and if so, who is it? It's not a number that reverse directory works for, and I can't call it back.

    Any clues?



  122. I was wondering if anyone has had this happen...

    I have noticed while on the computer,[i have an answering machine for when i am on-line] a call would come in and when I would look up it would be my own telephone number. How can this happen, i can't call myself. Hope someone can help me with this. I have been scammed twice this month on my phone bill. One is with a credit plan that they charge 9.99 plus tax to your home phone bill. The other is a site that is i think diet finders and it is also going to charge my home phone bill. I have yet to get this stopped, can't ever seem to talk to a real person. I am with att.


  123. A 503 area code has tried to call me. Said it was from salem oregon. I answered the phone and like most of you some old sounding lady was mumbling on the phone. i hung up and right after i got an unknown call -.-. right after that my computer started to "laugh". something popped on my screen for like a millisecond.

  124. Dylan, that sounds major creepy, your computer "laugh"-ed???? O___O

    i've been getting random 506 number calls for a few months now, but i haven't been paying too much attention since i pretty much never pick up any calls from people i don't know. I figured it's just a wrong number, or if it's for me they'd leave a message. No messages were ever left. These 506 calls seem to happen not super oftne, maybe every two weeks (although just now when i checked my phone i realized aside from the one yesterday, there was another one from last maybe more often than every two weeks), and so far every time it's diff. Theyr'e all 11 digit calls starting with 506, but the numbers following that is diff (the one yesterday was 506-224-xxxxx while the one last week was 506-229-xxxxx)

    now that i've found this blog, i'm less worried that it's some creepy stalker. My problem now, is that i've started receiving Private calls too. last night at 11:03PM I got a Private call. Sometimes my parent's home phone comes across as Unknown Caller ID or possibly Private (I haven't really paid attention) so i thought it was my parents. I picked up, there was no answer so I hanged up. 3 minutes later at 11:06, another call. I picked up, this time there's some kind of recording with a man's voice. It didn't sound like typical telemarketer recording though, the voice and intonation and the way it was recorded sounded like someone put their phone receiver close to the TV while National Geographics was on (sounds like a History show). I didn't really listen to it (too freaked out) but I caught something about a "small statue" before i hanged up. I thought that was the end of it, but an hour and half later around 12:30AM i got another Private call. I didn't really dare to pick up, too scared.

    I can understand how to block the 506 numbers (save it, then set the setting to silent call) but how can I do that with Private numbers? T__T I think i'm going to ask my parents to always call me from their cell from now on so I know it's from them...gah Did anyone else have Private call problems? D:

    I'm on west coast with AT&T cellphone btw.

  125. Dylan, that would freak me out!

  126. I keep getting called by an 11 digit number as well. It doesnt matter if I tell them to stop calling or just ignore them, the calls never stop. My husband and I have pinpointed it to a cell phone in Guatemala but that doesnt really help :/

    The number is: 502-464-02725

    They normally call on average of 10 times a day and as we speak my cell is getting the 64th call from them today. I cant exactly change my phone number because my husband and I are in the middle of moving and are getting calls from a bunch of different jobs (a lot going to my phone when he isnt around). Im trying to just deal with it but seriously, 64 times in one day?? If ANYONE has any ideas to get rid of it, Id love it.

    Though it seems a lot of the people getting these calls are from Verizon, Im starting to wonder if maybe there is a reason for that. Im with Verizon as well. Never had a problem like this before (and I have been with them for over 8 years). Though when I tried to get it blocked through them they told me that they cant seem to block numbers over 10 digits but it is in fact coming up on their records so they know someone is calling. There just doesnt seem like anyone can do anything about it.

    My friend is calling it right now (he's originally from Mexico so he said he is going to find out some info for me). If I find out anything I will post it here.

  127. Same here -- problem with the 11 -digits...except finally the male and I spoke, and I told him to stop calling, but, to no avail. Also, he recorded a part of me yelling at him for calling, and played it back on my voicemenail when he called back after I hung up on him, and did not answer his next 2 calls.

    My new phone company is looking into it, and, I've already filed a police report.

    Whatever the rhyme or reason or person or scam -- it is harassment at this point (at least for me). The latest number is: 446-016-92421.

    It is good to know that we're not alone.

    Be is a scan, or misuse of new technology or whatnot, is need to stop.

    Stay comfortable everyone. You all have support around you.

  128. Also: just found this web site: -- supposed to have a list of these calls. I am checking it out.

    Have a good day, all.

  129. ❓ Get this I recieved a call from an all zero number. It was this number 0000000000 no slash - marks either. How can this be? I am also still recieving calls from my own number! How could this be, has anyone else had this happen?


    1. I had that number call me twice and when I called my phone company they said its a wire tap

  130. got an asian girl from another country calling me and then texting me, of course i cant understand it..


  131. I got a 446 call on my landline yesterday. I don't think it's a problem with verizon. actually the same national geographics sounding guy was on the phone. in an attempt to stop it, i actually played a little prank. i got this idea off youtube where the receiver pretends he is a detective at a murder scene. i did the whole interrogation routine and asked if he was in any way related to the victim, and told him the call was being traced and recorded. Surprisingly enough he said wrong number and hung up.

  132. Got a call from 23777643421 at 3:20am last night. some man speaking a foreign language definately not Spanish. Very monotone voice and spoke without pause. cannot return call, says the number is invalid. Phone service is through comcast. After the call my phone, internet, and cable stopped working until 9 this morning. very strange.

  133. Been getting strange emails and phone calls....well listen to them when they call listen to the backgrounds and everything , im going to stop beating arond the bush, The calls and emails are from the FUTURE! ther trying to tell u something vital,.. info possibly world changing!! You are the CHOSEN! ones! ...sorry its your destiny, i shouldnt be saying anything but u have to know. enough said they might be on to me already, keep an open mind know that all the info youved gained in your whole life is like a grain of salt compared to what you,ll soon find out!.

  134. I got a call this morning at 6:28 from 403-140-67112. I woke up, noticed the phone was rining, then fell back asleep. Supposedly it's Canadian. Any ideas? Thanks!

  135. I got call from 201 777 31927

  136. I just got a call from 823-126-45953. I answered, and it sounded like a lady speaking in chinese. Thinking it was possibly a prank call, I hung up without saying more then "hello" twice. It freaked me out a little though when I noticed the phone number was 11 digits. They called back within a minute but I did not answer a second time. I hope this does not turn into a continuous thing.

  137. Ok so a few nights ago at like 2 am I got a text message from some weird 11 digit number all it said was SPAM. so i send a message back with just a question mark and again got the message SPAM. so then i sent one that asked who it was, and I got some weird reply about a woman in a dress or something. I can't remeber exactly what it said because I deleted it yesterday not thinking anything of it. Then this morning at like 10:30am I got a call from +84907505383 and I didn't answer because I was in class and didn't recognize the number. then again about an hour ago around 12:30 am i was in the bathroom came back and my phone said 1 missed call, same number.
    I think it is just a telemarketer generating fake numbers so that the don't get introuble for calling numbers on the DNC list, which is where I think they get the numbers. Out of all the people the one connecting factor has been the DNC list. I just put my cell number on it bout 2 months ago.

  138. Had a call 6 times today from 84969250409...Called at 11:50 am, :51 am, 53 am and 12:05 pm, :07 pm, :08 pm... left a voicemail 5 out of the 6 times but the 1st 4 were all static and no more than 2 seconds.. the very last call left one that was about 4-5 seconds long and it sounded like some foreign language over a loud speaker.. Thought it was weird.. I never answer my phone unless I know the number... if it's important, they'll leave a voicemail

  139. Last night I got 6 calls in 3 minutes:
    2 from 502 436 43527
    3 from unknown number
    1 from 436 43527 (no area code)

  140. Today i just got 6 phone calls coming from 232-779-89486. Can't call it back, woke me up at three this morning. There is someone talking but it sounds almost robotic. Idk what to do at this point.

  141. Im with verizon as well. i got a call from 502-530-52178 and a more disturbing call from a 8 digit number it was formatted this way on my phone 530-521-78 like it was missing the very last to numbers.

  142. Good Afternoon,

    I just started receiving calls from an 11 digit phone number last night. While most of the posts I've seen originate from either a 502 or a 506 prefix, the number I recieved from from OHIO


    I did some research and found that countries are adding another digit to the telephone numbering system so they can add additional customers, makes sense to me but you'd think this would be announced to the general population. So what gives? My concern is that our service providers don't know anything about these numbers but if there are charges that shows up on our telephone bills they will expect us to pay for them. I wouldn't call back at all.

    I hope if someone I knew had this type of number they would let me know prior to them calling me perhaps leave a voice or text message.

    I think we should all contact our providers and/or a government offical so that we can be infromed and safe. Thanks for sharing.

  143. I just received a call from an 11 digit number:


    While reading these posts calms me, especially the one saying that the 502 numbers originate from Guatemala, I am more concerned with the nature of my call.

    As a note, I've turned off my phone since this happening.

    I answered the call and heard a man speaking, in what I believe to be English, but in an extremely heavy, heavy accent. I think it was Hispanic (the accent) but in retrospect I'm not 100% sure. Well I told him that you got the wrong number and at the same time I could begin to make out of some of what he was saying. While I was talking I heard him saying "Listen, listen! I'm going to kill you, you got that?" 😯 Well, this sort of harassment went on for about 10 more seconds and ended with him saying "do you understand?" I asked, "why would you do that?" and then he hung up.

    I'm pretty freaked but definitely feel a little comforted by this site. Well, I hope others don't get such hostile phone terrorists. I am on Verizon and live in NY....skeeetchy.

    Looking both ways crossing the street,

    1. Wow dude, talk about freaky. I don't know what I would have done had I answered and there was someone saying "I'm going to kill you" in any accent. 😕 How many calls did you get? and did they leave voice mails when your phone was off?

  144. Mine was actually a 12 digit number!

    My carrier is Verizon and I got the call at 11:08PM and their customer service is closed already. I got one call and did not get to my mobile in time and the second call two minutes later I fat fingered because I had already turned the lights off. When I tried to call the number I get an error message from Verizon.

    The number both times was 886-920-627007

    I did a bit of research myself and found that 886 is the country code for Taiwan. They may use a 9 digit number within Taiwan for all I know. No messages were left on voice mail.

    Another thing of note on the 11 digit numbers... Just because your caller id breaks the number down into two sets of three plus the rest, don't discount a 2 digit country code and a nine digit number.

    I would encourage everyone to call their carriers who have not already. They will not do anything until they know how large of an issue it is. There may also be a way of blocking a particular number or set of numbers if the number your getting calls from is a constant.

  145. My DH got a bunch of calls from 502-465-75103 last night. It started around 11 Pm and didn't stop until around 3 AM. WTF, we want to sleep!
    DH finally answered answered and some guy asked for "Miguel." DH said that he must have had the wrong number. But the number called back a minute later.

    It alternated between that number and coming up on his cell. This morning he got a text from that number, but I forget what it said.

    Same deal as everyone above. Verizon says they can't block phone numbers over 10 digits, and we'll probably get charged for the text that they sent.

  146. Got about 7 missed calls from :593-956-60007

    I answered on the 8th call and got a response that said "Hola!". I told him he go the wrong number and then he hung up. Afterwards, he called 3x in a row.

    its been happening about twice a week for 3 weeks now.

    i hope someone from verizon figures this out. its bothering the hell out of me. 😕

  147. I got one missed call on my cell from a 67571621482 this evening around 10pm. I wasn't around my phone, so I didn't answer and I don't know how long it rang for. Thought I'd just let you guys know...has anyone else got a call from a 675 number? (NOTE: This is not a working area code in the US)

  148. I have a friend who lives in the phillaphines and when ever we have tried calling one or other it says number don't exist. I know you have to dail 1 then the number for united states but when I asked my friend she told me that hers is you dial 63 and that is to many digits. So I am quite confused on how I am supost to call her if the number won't work

  149. Hey yall,

    So I recieved a message tonight (2 am, after 2 measly hours of sleep) from 819 192 51603. I am a verizon customer as well. Curious as to who was calling me at 2 am I called back and got the "cannot complete this call as dialed" message. So I said to myself "They better not call me the (expletive) back" and curled back up next to my cat on the bed.

    5 minutes later they called back. I answered it and the male voice had a VERY HEAVY accent and the only word I understand after a bunch of jumble was "Hello?" (which is what I had been saying about 4 times into the phone) Once he said this and was actually listening to me I said "It is 2 (expletive) am... you know at night! I'm trying to sleep!" He then replied with "Oh, sorry" and I think he hung up while I said "Don't call me again"

    I managed to trace it enough that every response I get (other than the spoofing of the numbers) is that it's a call from Japan, which seems plausible with the guys accent and the time of day when I recieved the call. It would have been about 8pm there, everyone making nightly plans etc.

    I think that mine may have been a genuine wrong number, but it was 2 am I am now wide awake and it ticked me off. Also, I just figured I'd document it if happens again I can keep tagging it so I know what's going on and not relying on memory to last over a lont time.

    They haven't called me back so who knows, I guess we'll see.

    1. I just started receiving calls like this last night. They called like 15 times after I answered and said they had the wrong number. They just spoke back in spanish and even left a voicemail one of the times they called. This is really creepy. They started calling again this morning. The number is 50375026135.

  150. I started receiving calls a few days ago. It is the same two numbers everytime. 23233382791 and 3053569999. My phone will ring one time and then the caller will hang up. No messages have been left. I have tried to call the 11-digit number back but the call cannot be completed as dialed and I have called the 10-digit number from a different phone and I restrict the number and the call will not go through.

  151. I have been getting a call from 613-515-24587 on your work afterhours number, starting on jan. 8 2010. the calls started at 12:00 am and called ever ten min. after that till about 3:30am, then on jan. 11 2010 they called at 12:17am. The next day i talk to our secrety about it she calls verizion and tells them about it they know nothing and block the number. The calls stop and i am able to sleep and not have to worrie about all this. Jan. 19 2010 the calls start again, but this time they start at 3:05am and go till about 6:30am, The next day i go to the verizion store and i throw the phone on the counter and i say to the lady there WTF is wronge with this we have this number blocked and the mother****** is still calling. they say that they will try to block it again. they say the number is from a land line phone. OK, the calls start again lastnight at 5:15pm and didnt stop till 7:20pm that night. so i was telling a friend about the number and what was going on and they said to try and add the number to your phone contacts and then set the ringer as no ring. so i have done that and then the calls come from a 000000 number or 0100010 number or restricted number WTF am i suppose to do anyone have any pointers for me. noah

  152. Tonight I received an 11 digit call and did not answer it, they left no message. Just wondering if anyone else has had this number pop up. 63024494487. Thanks!

  153. I've received 2 calls about a week apart from +60124804956. One was at 8am the other at 7am. After doing a little research I *think* the call is from a Malaysia cell phone, specifically a MAXIS customer. I've never answered but the first time I quickly rejected it and a voicemail was left of them hanging up. I can't find anything about any scams or telemarketing with this number.

  154. I have dealt with these calls since 2008. They started out being just a few here and there, then they stopped for a while. Once they started again the calls became more frequent. Early this morning was the icing on the cake, so to speak, with a whopping 30 calls between 12:30am and 5:30am. This did not include the 5 additional calls around 10pm within a 15 minute span.

    In the beginning I answered these calls and sometimes these individuals would either hang up or I would get a foreign speaking man with a thick accent. I thought it was strange just like the rest of you. When the calls continued I definitely thought there was a problem so I called my phone company. Of course there was no way to block the calls with AT&T because they only block up to 10 digit numbers. My only option was to change my number and I did not want to for work purposes. At the time I had a phone that I could set the ringer to silent for any number in my address book, so this is what I did. The problem went away for me temporarily. Then I decided to get an I-phone. Unforntunatley I could no longer silence my caller using this phone. So the problem started again for me being woke up in the middle of the night and putting up with call after call. Still I did not answer the calls because I had no idea why they were calling numerous times and what their agenda might be.

    I decided finally enough is enough. I found this blog first and have read the majority of the posts. I have done some guessing as to what their agenda could be and I have also done a little research. I do not believe it has anything to do with a telemarleting scam, but instead cell phone hacking. The smart phones are very vulnerable to this, just like your personal computer. Your voicemail, address information, etc.. can be accessed by someone else very easily. They can even listen in through the microphone on your phone and take pictures with the camera. The individuals that have been calling my phone and yours have been masking their numbers(called caller id spoofing) and I believe they are trying to access information from our phones somehow. Whether it be our voicemail, address book, or other information in the phone. Below are a couple of links. One is an article of the caller id spoofing and another is a power point presentation that talks about cell phone vulnerabilities. The power point has some good info on cell phone fraud and who you can contact to make complaints. One of the biggest pieces of advice given is to enable the passcode feature on your phone to access the phone and voicemail.

    Here are the links:

    Hopefully this is helpful to all of you that are receiving these calls. I encourage you to make complaints to the contacts listed in the link(Federal Communication Commission, State Attorney General's Office and the Public Utility Commission). The only way to stop the fraud from occurring is to notify them so they will be able to investigate it.

  155. To all, any number starting with 50 something its from central america, i know this because i have family in guatemala, which is 502, and i am currently in costa rica which is 506, people here have a lot of families in the states and they probably have the number written wrong, but im sure the calls are harmless.

  156. My cell has been getting called from 50586407526 for about 2 weeks now. They call about 10-15 times in a row, then nothing for a few hours, then 10-15 calls again in row. I usually don't answer strange/unrecognized numbers, but after a few days I finally answered and a confused female on the other side just talks in spanish and hangs up or I hang up on her.

    I've now put the number in my address book and assigned the "MUTE" ringer to it, so I don't have to hear it every time they call. I've stopped answering the calls.

    This is NOT harmless... clearly there is something unusual going on here. If it was a wrong number they would have gotten the point by now - and also the calls come in so fast I refuse to believe that a person is calling. I believe it is automated, but what is the purpose? I don't think they are hacking my phone... as clearly it is NOT working and they are just calling over and over.

    I'm going to call Verizon when I get some time and have the number blocked. Very strange, and something fishy is going on but I don't know what!

  157. I am getting call from +20198267743, 11 digits number. aslo i got text from same number.

  158. I got a phone call at seven in the morning from 385-892-21826. It woke me up and the person said, "...hello ____". I hung up, then they called agian at 385-826-14203 saying "...hello... Chicago". I'm super pissed about this and I wanna find out who these people are so i can give them a piece of my mind!

  159. I keep getting a call from 509-372-89894 Verizon says they don't track,trace or block 11 digits numbers. Has anyone been charged for these calls?

  160. 22 calls in one hour 509 area code. (509)-393-47542/ (509)346-69013. I just sent out resumes today over internet wondering if that is just a coincidence!

  161. i recieved a text message yesterday from this number... 971502027676.... it was just a bunch of boxes. then they texted me again saying "missed u". THEN they called me this morning and i didn't answer because i didn't want to be charged. I googled the number.. nothing came up besides a bar code number.

  162. i got a call from a 11 digit number +93793533586 and i could call it was some guy. who was a complete asshole after i complained to him about callin me late at night. I tried to find out where the area code was from, but it said it was an international call that most soldiers from overseas use to call back home. But i have no clue why they would call me. Freaks me out..

  163. i got a call from an 11 digit number and it was these 2 girls ive had problems with for years now (i knew as soon as i heard their voices on my voicemail)
    but when i called back it said it was unavailable?
    the number that came up started with 277

  164. received a call from 50376497912. Called it back and got a " the number you have dialed is incorrect" message. WTF???

  165. The call I've been getting is 61423234134.

    1. Rib (and to everyone else)-

      For a few months now I've been receiving phone calls from the same 11-digit phone number. I always miss the call since most of the time it's been in the middle of the night, however, I was able to answer one time and it was heavy breathing (which seems to be a theme) and finally it sounded like someone said, "I'm a retard." I swear that's what it sounded like, but then again, it was in the middle of the night whenever I was sleeping. The number that continually calls me is:
      614-388-44268. Called Verizon and spoke to someone who didn't seem to give a crap about this and just said he would block the number. He said he's never heard anyone complain about this before.


  166. I got so many of these calls in a row and I answered once and a guy talked real fast and hung up. If I didn't buy anything can they still take money from me cuz im extremely scared but i didnt talk to them or anything or give away info. from now on i wont answer but they kept calling and im sooo scared.

  167. i'm so glad i found this. i've been getting calls from 509-389-57159 between 8 and 10 p.m.

  168. I'm glad I found this!

    I got 5 calls from 714-389-5362. While not 11 digit, I could not understand a thing being said and it freaked me out. VERY heavy accent.

    Just a few min ago I got a call from 856-3095-42000. SAME THING, only it was a woman. Very heavy asian sounding accent. If it IS infact a two digit country code, then it would be the country Laos in Southeast asia.

    I have net10.

  169. Got a call @ 8:01PM in Ontario, Canada from +33170442590

  170. I have also gotten this aggrivating phone calls sometimes it's 50495480962 and sometimes it's that number but without the 504 both are not availble call back numbers. I call them and it says DFWO1 your call cannot be completed as dialed. Please check your number and try again. I have also texted them telling them to stop but I only get a non dilivery message. So I give up!

    1. Im getting texts and calls from a 504 number idk who they r but they keep saying my name! 🙁 but i cant call bk or answer and text thm! This is so creepy!!

  171. OMG, I got a call yesterday evening from a Spanish-speaking woman. I thought it was one of my friends calling through Skype, which is the only reason I answered my cell. I could only make out some of what she was saying, before she hung up. I attempted to call back, but the answering service would say "Your call cannot be completed as dialed". She called back again, only this time, she was breathing into the phone like some kind of freak! I cursed at her, and hung up in her face. The crazy thing was, she actually called me back!!! I cursed at her again, and hung up. She hasn't called back.

    These were the numbers she used:

  172. I got a call from an 11 digit number (818 321 15555) when i accepted the call, i heard a ringing tone (like when you call someone and hear it ring while waiting for them to pick up) then some man said "helloooo." I said "hello?" and he hung up. Very strange.

  173. I just got a phone call-at 2am--I am from New Brunswick Canada but the number is area code 509-951-3575. Of course no one answers. I was wondering do cell phone companies offer out of province/state area codes to their customers so they can hide their location..of course being married, wondering if this is another woman with a prepaid cell phone?? is that possible does anyone know-to any area code you want...?

  174. Hi!
    I am from Malaysia and got a call in the middle of the night 3am from a very very long phone number +01 262 852 606 17654. So were researching where the number come from before I call back. Luckily I did.
    I think some of the callers are using Internet Phone to hijack the phone exchange and it is especially easy with wireless / mobile phone exchange.

  175. I've received 6 or so calls from an 11 digit phone number on my cell phone. 33953007368. I've never answered any of the calls, they just go to my voicemail. I received 2 of those calls within 10 minutes of each other today. I listened to the voicemail messages and it seemed like a woman speaking an Asian language. Bizarre :-/

  176. Over the last wee I have also been getting calls. BUT, I am in Panama. 7 times they got me on my cell phone. Never leaving a message or nothing.
    Here cell phones are 8 digits, one extra than in the states.
    # is 33961262615

  177. I just recieved a call today from an 11 digit number starting with 335, I tried to call it back, and my phone wouldnt let me, but I found out it was an international call. I dont know anyone who is even out of the country, except a few relatives in Austrailia, but I dont know them well enough for them to be calling. I guess it's just another scammer.

  178. Los Angeles, California - Verizon

    5:05 AM - Normal 10 digit number that I do not know; I do not answer.
    5:06 AM - Instantly phone starts ringing again, but a different number; Do not answer.

    I never answer numbers I don't know - even from my area code, but the area codes were ones that I did not recognize so I jumped on to look up where the numbers were coming from in the slight chance I may know them.

    First phone number is: 975 - 103 - 3577

    Majority of search engine answers said that this area code is being "held for future use." As in it does not exist yet. Um......? Someone explain that to me.

    As I'm going to get the area code of the other call - they are completely different - I realize that there is, in fact, an extra digit. I wasn't even aware this was possible. Weird......

    Second number: 750 - 000 - 32688

    Which is obviously how I would up here. I just lost my phone, so I am on a free month trial of "City ID" which displays where the call is being made from, and after saves it with the calls history. Oddly, the 10 digit number didn't show up, but my phone says that the 11 digit number is from Russia?!

    I'm relieved that others have experienced this odd phenomenon, and at wee hours of the morning regardless of location, but i'm still a little perturbed that I got the initial non-existing area code, followed immediately after by the 11 digit number. It also doesn't help that I wa already awake and alert so the unexpected ring made me jump about two feet. Of course horror movies associated with unknown phone calls have ingrained this scare factor in our minds, rather than scamming foriegners. It doesn't help I am a young female, and my boyfriend happens to be on a plane home right now- making me alone!

    Alright I had intended to be pretty brief, but just incase anyone experiences anything similar they know they aren't alone.

  179. Hey.

    I got a phone call today, and it has happend before. Im norwegian, and i've never heard of any one of my friends or any one i know of that had the same experience.

    I never answere a caller, if i dont know the number.

    I always get the call very late or very early. And i've never heard about a 11 digit number before. the number is: +46406085870
    I've actually never answered the call, and im not going to. But I am curious.. Who is it, and why are they calling. is it just a scam?

    Have any one of you found out anything?

  180. These calls are comming from overseas. I think what they are trying to do is cost you money. DO NOT ANSWER THEM! There is also a chance that they are trying to get the info that is on your phone. again... DO NOT ANSWER! if you keep getting these calls the best thing to do is change your phone number.

  181. Got threats from 67572942055 . Should I report to my service provider?

  182. Greetings from Colorado! I'm bored to death at work so I decided to check out your site on my iphone during lunch break. I enjoy the knowledge you provide here and can't wait to take a look when I get home. I'm amazed at how quick your blog loaded on my mobile .. I'm not even using WIFI, just 3G .. Anyways, good site!

  183. Hey here's a new number to add to that list:
    It came at 12:08 pm central time on July 28

  184. I started getting the phonecalls yesterday from a 212 area code. I didn't answer till today as who ever it calls actually on the hour. I told him I knew it was scam and if he called back I would contact the AG, Verizon whomever for harassing me and that didn't stop him, he called back 2 more time. Every hour he calls 3 times but doesn't leave a voice mail. The man also has a very heavy accent.
    The number is 212-699-55101

  185. I have verizon and just recently started recieving calls from 9 digit numbers (oregon is a 10 digit state)....the last number (10th digit) is always missing.

    541 071 838
    541 071 625
    541 071 404
    541 071 435
    541 071 215
    541 062 215 and so on

    There is no asnwer when I try a call back, in fact all I get is the number disconnected blah, blah message Today it has been 7 calls. Oh typically, its only 1 or 2 rings. Anyone got any ideas. 541 is an oregon area code. Anyone got any clues? I spoke to verizon and their suggestion was to change my number. Seems you can't block that many numbers.

    New one from 415 area code

    Oh just getting one now from a 313-375 5815. This is getting maddening. Anyone have a clue? I'd like to not change the number because of the logistics of telling everyone,

  186. Adding to this thread - found you on Google re: 11 digit phone numbers.

    I have just gotten four calls in a row from 5024455048 - I answered once and there was a sleepy woman's voice saying something, but it trailed off. I called back and she said "hello?" but then hung up. Then they called back two more times.

    My carrier is AT&T and I've found one other recent report on their forums:

  187. Here's yet another phone number. It started yesterday, I never answer numbers I do not recognize, but this constant calling is driving me absolutely nuts! 212-725-23231 Since, I've only seen one other person who posted here with this same number, I thought I'd let ya know. I put my number on this website.. hopefully, this will help. I really do not want to change my phone number, but I've been recieving these numbers for some time now and it's aggravating. Also, I saved this numer to my phone and set it's ringer to no more aggravating wake up calls!!
    good luck!!

    So annoyed!!

  188. I answered and stayed on to listen for about 39 sec until they hung up... They called back 2 more times and I answered to tell them they had the wrong number. It was loud and i didn't understand a word that was said... The number was 125224711730 now that I read most of these comments I'm a little bothered that they might have stolen info from my phone. What should I do? Should I be worried?

  189. The same thing happened to me, but it was1-385-137-74839 And they called me during school too, and i got my phone taken away because of it. i think that these people should just stop all this stupidness!!

  190. I've gotten two calls today with 11 digit numbers within one hour of each other. I don't answer my phone unless I know the number and I'm certainly not calling back. Especially if some of you are right and it is a scam. I was just surprised to see 11 digits in the first place. At 10:46am I got a call from 856-902-96923 and at 11:32am I got one from 750-002-99705. I noticed that someone above had one from a "750-002" number, so it may be that it's the same company (or whatever they are). This is just weird.

    1. And I just got one more! At 2:34PM from 591-502-71626.

  191. I've been receiving phone calls from 50937263365. They've called 10 times, answered once. The person had an accent also.. calls start around 6pm and this a.m. I got one at 5:49. I'm in the 561 area code, and w/sprint. Tried to Google the number... Nothing!

  192. Yeah, today is 11-17-2011 (Thursday) at 9pm-ish (CST). I got a call from 504-996-06516. I couldn't understnad them. There was alot of static on it. And, my number is private, very private. And, I had just messaged my number to a friend (PRIVATELY) on Facebook.

    I never get calls from anyone other than people I know. So, I'm not sure how someone could randomly call my number right after I posted that telephone number.

    Seems like Facebook is being hacked. Anyone read this article?

  193. You're supposed to be so interested that you call the number back, and when you do, your phone account is billed. It's a scam that originates in countries outside the U.S. Verizon is one of the biggest problems with this, because their security is possibly the weakest of every phone carrier.

  194. 509 is the country code for Haiti.

  195. Ok so..i keep getting a text from someone and their number has 5 numbers at the end instead of 4 >.< i cant text back and i dont know who they are..But they know who i am considering the text measages say "Lauren?" idk wht country these kinds od numbers are from but it would help :\

  196. Lauren, look up the country code at The country code can be from one to three digits. Phones in the US are kind of stupid and do not display country codes correctly, which is why it looks like a group of 5 digits at the end. If you need help, post the first three digits of the calling number.

    I don't know how spammers and scammers are collecting cell phone numbers, but given how assiduous they are at collecting email addresses, I'm not surprised that they have managed to collect names to go with numbers.

    A lot of phone spam is sent via the Internet. Some providers have a way to block it. I don't remember how I did it (AT&T), but it stopped most of the junk. You can probably Google it.


  197. I have a new number to add to the 11 digit scam list. Its 314-754-76077. It followed the pattern of 1 ring and no message. I called my provider about it before searching this topic. My provider is "Wind" btw. She was very polite, course Very unhelpful. I don't think the girl could find the floor in a dark room.

  198. Jeff1976, that call was from the Netherlands. Their country code is 31, and Dutch phone numbers are mostly nine digits. If this was in fact spam, that's unusual, since those calls seldom come from first-world countries.


  199. No. I checked. While the 31 is the netherlands code, 31 is followed by a city code as well, and the combination does not match and netherlands/city codes.
    After all 31 (nertherlands) and 47 (city code) and then 547-6077 would match for length of numbers, but there is no 47 City code listed.

  200. Jeff, according to, Dutch city/area codes are either two or three digits, and 475 is Roermond. Only the largest cities, the ones that need seven-digit local numbers, have two-digit city codes.


  201. All I know is that I searched Netherland area codes and it pulled up a map of the country with the codes. Thats how I found out about City codes. Had no idea about them before that. The source I found did not list 47 and it did not mention that numbers were less then 7 digits. this coupled with the pattern of 1 short ring and no message... (the pattern discribed) well, you can see how I may have came to that conclusion.

  202. A sales person had someone do a credit check supposedly for Charter Communications. I saw that the number was 11 digits ending in 99088. So now I'm not sure if he's legit or collecting SSN numbers.Or ....?

  203. Erik: to make a guess at where the call came from, we need the start of the number rather than the end.

    Charter Communications is very unlikely to call individuals for credit checks. They use the big three credit reporting agencies. If it was a cold call, not related to anything you initiated, and you gave them any personal information, then you need to watch your accounts VERY carefully. Any financial accounts -- in other words, anything you could get money out of, including credit cards since most of them have cash advance privileges -- you should call customer service at every account and ask for advice. They should all have ways to place additional protection on accounts which are potentially compromised. Be warned that you may need to change account numbers. That's a hassle but it's better than losing money.

    When I call financial services places, they often "verify my ID" by asking for my address, phone number, date of birth, and last four digits of social security number. I put "verify" in quotes because of course these are all public information. However, if you gave these to a phisher on the phone, you are in particular danger. (My bank asks for a separate security phrase which I had to invent and provide to them. This isn't perfect but it's a lot better than using public information.)

    Don't feel bad if you gave information to a phisher. These people have learned to be very believable, engaging, and persuasive. (Some of them. I call calls from one who is totally clueless.) If you did, just chalk it up to experience, protect yourself, and let others know so they can protect themselves better too.


  204. I just got a call from 81989930001 and no message left. I never answer numbers I don't know.

  205. My husband got a call to his cell phone today from 38580283838. If I read the country codes correctly, that is Croatia. He did not call it back. I see a few more people in the comment have gotten calls starting with 385. I assume it's the same scam others have mentioned above. We have AT&T service.


  207. Please let me know what is up.

  208. Not sure why, but I just got the email notifications of JT's posts. But JT, have patience. This is not an ID service, just a blog that a very few people watch.

    40 is the country code for Romania. 32 is the code for Iasi county. If you don't know anyone in Romania, it's spam.

    See for information about decoding country codes. The fact that you saw it formatted 403-205 etc is just because in the US, phones don't understand international formatting and always display numbers as 3-3-whatever.

  209. I reciecived a call around 12 am. I am a college student and he was a man with a heavy spanish accent. Asked if this was me (my name) from the city that I live when I'm with my parents. I said yes who are you but they never answered, they kept going saying I am around 19 or 20 right and that he knew me but i didn't know him. Then said i was beautiful and hung up the number came up as


    then got text messages saying all in spanish
    is it too late to call
    i just want to hear your voice
    are you okay beautiful
    say something
    you are the most beautiful nicaraguan

    the number is +50256721705
    what is this i can't figure this out and I am very freaked out! after i called my campus security and they showed up the number stopped calling and texting.

    1. Ashley,
      Same thing happened to me. I think they got my telephone number on Facebook, bez it is not known to many people (only close friends). Immediately after I posted it in a Facebook email, I got that call about 5 minutes later. No joke (maybe even 3 or 4 minutes later). And, NO ONE IN THE WORLD COULD HAVE THAT SPECIAL NUMBER.

      So, I don't trust Facebook anymore. No telling who has hacked it.

      Hope that helps you. And, no, I couldn't call them back either. I jsut set a phone rule to send it to voicemail and that FIXED THAT PROBLEM.

      Hope that helps you. But, it is good you took action immediately and called security. You never know nowadays.

      Hope that solves your prolbem, my best,
      David Blaine Fullerton

  210. Ashley,

    You were right to be freaked out, and it's good that you called campus security. The only objective danger to you, though, is the psychological danger, which of course is very real.

    502 is the country code for Guatemala, where phone numbers have eight digits, thus the 11 digits you saw:

    I can't figure out the other number. I suspect the display was truncated. Area code 567 is the Toledo OH area, but of course that requires 10 digits, not 8.

    Since they weren't trying to sell anything or scam you, it appears that you were a victim of the classic "anonymous heavy breathing" kind of call. I don't know why this sort of pervert would be calling an English-speaking country from Guatemala to get his kicks, but apparently that's what happened. There are so many lists of phone numbers being passed around by scammers, usually with names and locations attached, that there's no reason to think he knew any more about you than what you heard on the phone.

    Block the number if you can. If you can't, the traditional advice for dealing with this sort of harassment is just hang up. They want attention, of any kind, so don't give them any attention.

    As I say, the psychological danger from harassment is real, so if you are still freaked out, make sure to get whatever support you need.


  211. I have received two calls in two days from 393286993045. Have not had a chance to talk to my phone carrier yet to see what is up but I won't answer a number I don't recognize, expecially one as strange as this with 12 digits and they won't leave a message.

  212. In the last two months, I've been receiving calls from TEN-digit numbers, which contain the area code I live in (916).
    The patterns are the same as mentioned above - the number will call for a split second, just long enough to initiate a "missed call" notification on my phone.

    The numbers that called me today, called me within 20 minutes of each other:


    ^^ And THIS is exactly how they display. It did puzzle me at first and I admit I was curious because I had never seen a phone number MISSING a digit call me before.

    I'm quite certain this is a scam as well; I wanted to add my experience to this list because I think it's becoming a new scam that people will soon be inquiring about.

    HONESTLY, in my opinion, I blame the damn ALUMA WALLET/As Seen On TV crap. I ACTUALLY ordered one (My first & only time... don't ask me why I ordered something off the TV, I must have been delusional) and it has been a headache in every regard. They quadrupled my order (charged me FOUR separate times, when I only wanted ONE), and now I've been getting random calls about products I don't even want (including dietary and viagra-esque supplements). As others have stated, the telemarketers just start talking away without stopping or pausing, and then coerce you into answering personal questions such as "do you take any medication," "do you have health insurance," etc.

    So, that's my other advice -- Don't buy ANYTHING from the "As Seen On TV" collection.

  213. I keep receiving a call from an eleven digit number as well (2 numbers as a matter of fact). It has me paranoid. I factory reset my pone thinking it could have been some spam from an app at first so I lost one of the numbers. But the second number is 505-890-51591. I answered it and it was an older lady who only spoke spanish. After a few minutes of trying to explain to her not to call me anymore she hung up. Since then I have received about ten more calls from this number. I got frustrated last night and decided top return the call after looking up choice phrases in Spanish. Anyway i go to the deal where it tells me " we're sorry your call can not be completed as dialed, please check the number and call again message 32 ABQ"

  214. AM: 505 is the country code for Nicaragua.

  215. just missed a call from an 11 digit numbrr starting with says.its pennsylvania, weird.

  216. 216-23379759
    4or 5 missed calls a day. I actually talked to someone when answering one day and he said that Anna said to call me. I said wrong number.. He just kept repeating the Anna bit. I repeated wrong number and he said... "we could be friends", I replied "I don't think so", and hung up now repeated missed calls.....
    216-529-24115. Multiple missed calls from this number before I answered the number above....
    What the heck is this !x?-.........

    1. [quote comment="70969"]216-23379759
      4or 5 missed calls a day. I actually talked to someone when answering one day and he said that Anna said to call me. I said wrong number.. He just kept repeating the Anna bit. I repeated wrong number and he said... "we could be friends", I replied "I don't think so", and hung up now repeated missed calls.....
      216-529-24115. Multiple missed calls from this number before I answered the number above....
      What the heck is this !x?-.........[/quote]

      That's weird you should say that Anna thing, I've been getting calls today from 50498415393 and it sounds like some little kid asking for someone named Anna but they only speak Spanish. After a few attempts to say wrong number and they kept calling I just blocked the number using sprint's 9999 service. According to the wikipedia lookup someone posted the number calling me was from Honduras. *shrug*

  217. Spooked: 216 is the country code for Tunisia. Phone numbers within Tunisia are 8 digits:

    I can't tell what they were up to. Possibly someone trying to learn how to make cold calls to the US, just practicing for later scam attempts. Whatever. If your phone provider gives you a way to block calls, block the numbers. If not, look into changing providers.

  218. I got a number that called me today can anyone help me this is the number +23776510336

  219. I got one of these calls on a text free number they've called over 200 times when my phone was dead, likee zero battery, zip. i freaked out hoping they would call again so i could call thanks for the tip, im not going to be picking up. the number is 150947692390

  220. Sandra: country code 509 is Haiti. Phone numbers starting with 47 are mobile phones.

    Johnson: country code 237 is Cameroon. The WP page doesn't give the use for 76xxxxxx, so it's probably a new range. But almost all phone numbers in Cameroon are mobile.

    Everyone: the best reference I've found is


  221. I got a call from +59152367126

  222. 591 is Bolivia. The WP article on country code 591 does not say what area code 5 is, but it's based on ten-year-old information.

  223. I received a number from 937-976-05433 and they ask me "am I.your baby what that mean please help me

    1. That's a mobile phone in Afghanistan -- see Unless you know someone there, ignore it.


  224. So how do you identify an 11 digit number? I got 502-414-94519 a few months ago and I wanna find out where that is.

    1. Nevermind, I got it

  225. I just got 3 phone calls today, one after the other with an 11 digit number, just wanted to share.

  226. hubby's been getting repeated 11-digit calls several times a day. His number is +50938360349. it rings 2-3 times then stops. then immediately it calls back the same way. sometimes 4-5x a day. annoying. Going to call Sprint later, but I want more answers if I can find them.

    1. Carol,

      That's a mobile phone in Haiti. Since they don't wait for a answer, I have no idea why they are calling. Just block the number. (If you can't block it, consider switching phone providers.)


  227. Rceived text message from 41742790328

    1. 41 is Switzerland. 74 279 03 28 is the number within Switzerland.


  228. My calls started about 4 days ago. Multiple calls minutes apart. After allowing several "missed" calls I answered because I was irritated, it was a women on the other end, she didn't speak English and I didn't give her much of a chance before I told her to stop Fkn calling my #, stupid biatch and hung up. Calls haven't stopped. I send straight to v-mail...very annoying. 50433528314

    1. Melinda,

      +504 is Honduras. I'd guess this is likely just a wrong number.


  229. Last month (June 17, 2014 to be precise) 32363632353 began calling my phone. I was in a meeting at work so did not answer the first dozen and half or so times. After having my phone continually ring for over 15 minutes (even on silent), I checked the voicemail; it said, "press 1 to answer, 2 to send to voicemail" over and over. I deleted the 18+ messages and returned to my meeting. This number called at least once a minute. After another 15 minutes of hearing my phone vibrate for voicemail, I attempted to block the number (via my phone), but the number kept calling. After 4 hours of having my phone beep for new and full voicemail and the blocking not being successful, I called T-Mobile and had to pay to have them permanently block this number from ever reaching my phone. The following day, 6235550147 began calling. Once again, I blocked the number via my phone but still had them flooding my voicemail; so, had to call T-Mobile again and have them add it to the perm block/reject list. 6465031903 and 3474620120 began calling the following days. Had to have T-Mobile add them too. I didn't get any more calls for almost a week, then today, 38313733363 began calling incessantly. Again, had to call T-Mobile to have them add to list. I am on Do Not Call Registry, confirmed I have been since 2012 and reapplied/renewed on 6/19/14 and received confirmation. I have filed complaints against these numbers but do not expect anything to happen.
    Note: I tried to reverse lookup these numbers, but not much out there. 32363632353 could be Antwerp Belgium (unlikely since unable to locate similar Belgian number) or Northern Cali (depending how you extrapolate the numbers and look them up). 38313733363 could be a Russian number or Monterrey Cali (813) but neither has similar numbers. The others could be Cali numbers also according to Wikipedia.

    1. It really is ridiculous that T-Mobile can't do something about these, like blocking all 11-digit numbers if you don't need to receive calls from any such. And this is clearly abusive calling, which they should be dealing with at no charge to you.

      This is the most bizarre I've seen yet. My guess is that all the calls are coming from the same place and all the numbers are spoofed. Many spam-callers are spoofing US phone numbers when calling US residents, but this the first indication I've seen of spoofed non-US numbers.

      One reason I suspect they are all spoofed (beyond the fact that you are seeing very similar behavior on calls appearing to come from Belgium, Spain, Indonesia, and New Zealand. Second, the fact that numbers apparently from these varying locations are all 11 digits is suspicious. Third, some of the numbers appear to be flat-out invalid:

      32=Belgium, 3=Antwerp, but this should only be followed by 7 more digits, not 8.

      383 is not a valid country code at all. (Note that US numbers should never show as 11 digits unless prefixed by the US country code "1". All country codes for the former USSR start with "7", and Russia's current country code is just "7".)

      Note that the Do Not Call registry does no good for callers outside the US who don't care about the law. They ignore US law and there's no way to get to them when they are calling form countries whose governments don't care. (Another reason to believe the calls appearing to be from Belgium and New Zealand are spoofed -- those countries would almost certainly take the violation seriously.) The law does protect us from getting flooded with calls from legitimate US businesses, but has no effect on illegitimate callers. The drafters of the law (in 1995 IIRC) did not (could not) anticipate that international calls would become so cheap as to be a problem.

      Quite a mess ...


  230. The number calling me is 50497301999. My cell carrier said they cannot block it since it has an extra number.

    I told them they need to upgrade their software since this is a known scam, but they are not concerned.

    Since I am too dumb to set up my voice mail, they have no way of contacting me since I just let the phone ring until it stops. It really doesn't bother me since they only call a couple of times and give up, so that is my answer to this mess.

    ATT says it is a huge scam that I don't want anything to do with, but they are no help except to change my number, which may not be a bad idea after 20+ years of the same number. If this continues or I get mad enough, I will do that.

    1. [quote comment="266860"]The number calling me is 50497301999. My cell carrier said they cannot block it since it has an extra number.[/quote]


      Wow, that sounds really dumb. I think I would call again and see if another CSR can do better. They are not all equally well trained.

      Changing your number might be jumping from the frying pan into the fire. At least since you never answer, they are unable to verify that your phone is live. If you change numbers, you might end up with a number that already has worse problems. (My gf has had her phone number for four years, and still occasionally gets calls from bill collectors who are after the deadbeats who had her number before.)

      Sorry this reply is so late coming. nslog only today sent me the notification email.


  231. I just got added to the scammers list (I'm in Canada). I keep getting calls from 2-359-556-7014. It rings once and disconnects.

    1. Alan,

      That number is in Chad. The proper separation is 235 95 56 70 14. See

      for more, though the list of area codes within Chad appears to be incomplete. My guess would be that it's a cell phone, since all the Chad area codes shown in the WP article start with 22, and it's common for cell phones to be in separate area codes. I agree that it's probably a wannabe scammer who hasn't figured out how to call the US.


  232. Thanks Edward
    They have been calling me 3 - 8 times a day for a couple week now.

    Update on the number, I keyed the last number wrong, it should be; 235 95 56 70 19

    1. I have no idea why someone in Chad would keep trying to call the same number with no success. But then, some of these wannabe scammers are really dumb.

      Best response is just to block it. Most phone services these days have some blocking capabilities, though some lame ones still survive.


  233. an creepy person calling me all day @ night this is freeking me out please search this person and find the guiltyboy for me i wana freeking him damit please search him for me the guilty number was 97470741105 catch hm for me...........................................................................

  234. I've been getting numerous calls from 425-456-46894. They call and leaving it ring several times, (I do not answer). They do NOT leave any messages. I would love to block them yet phone company only blocks 10 digit numbers, Grrr-r!

    1. Kay,

      That's pretty lame service. All I can suggest is to change phone providers. (Sorry the response is so late, but this web site is taking weeks to send notifications of new posts.)


  235. I was calling a friend from antwerp belgium i dialled 00323+the 8 numbers but the opearator said wrong number pls hrlp me

  236. Is it possible that phones in antwerp cant receive international calls

  237. I have 16 calls from 50162873939. My 3 year old son answered it and said that he wouldn't talk to strangers

  238. I have a time warner and am able to block numbers but not more than 10 digits. Have been woke up the past two mornings with calls from 108579571594. Very disgusting!
    Plan to cann phone service to report!

  239. My niece has had her same cell number 10 years. When she calls her name comes up, until today. Her number came up with an added digit on the end--928-XXX-XXXX2. We'er in Arizona. Both of the numbers call and text to and from her cell--928-XXX-XXXX . 928-XXX-XXXX2. <---What is this '2'? Anyone experiencing this? Wierd! %-) Have a HAPPY

  240. I got a call today from 504-9683-2287 Number and I am scared. I’m scared to call back but I’m curious to find out what it is. I found it weird that there was 4 digits instead of 3 which is why I didn’t call immediately back. I’m so confused.

  241. Can some one helpe please I have tried a code on my phone to see if it was being tracked and call forwarding come on my screen then *#62# and then call forwarding came up again and this eleven digit number came up is it a MMI number or is this someone trying to track me. Please explain this to me I do not understand. Thank you. I think that some one is reading my text msgs and voice mails