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A Bit Late: Apple Store Video

I've removed a paragraph and the link to the video, because of the massive MT bug.

The video was shot on a Sony DSR PD-150 as well as a cheap-o consumer camera. 15 hours of footage were condensed to the five minutes you'll see if you watch. Final Cut Pro, two pizzas, six Cokes (me), twelve beers (Rob, Scott, Gabe), and five hours were consumed in the creation of this bugger in Final Cut Pro. The video was exported as MPEG-4 and the audio is AAC compressed.

(Addendum: Due to what appears to be a massive bug in MovableType, I've had to remove the .mov from the server. I'll explain more later.)

3 Responses to "A Bit Late: Apple Store Video"

  1. Great video! Not sure about the dancing guy though...

    By the way, what is it with the Coke? I swear I remember seeing some reference to Coke (and maybe even the logo) over at FreshlySqueezed. Not a Pepsi chap? Or even Irn Bru (the soft drink of choice over here in Scotland)? People want to know!

  2. Coke? Pepsi?

    "Just Make It Moxie for Mine" 😀

  3. Apple today announced the "Pro" series of software: Final Cut Pro 4, DVD Studio Pro 2, Shake 3, and Logic Platinum 6. I've already placed...