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iApps Weren’t Free?

If this article at ThinkSecret, which states that the decision to make the iApps (all but iDVD anyway) free downloads was a last-minute decision made in response to pressure from message boards and email, is accurate, this tells me two things>

  • Apple is listening to feedback, even through non-standard channels, more closely than ever.
  • Good, accurate, resonsible "journalism" continues to decline, with the $50 iApp having been bumped from "rumor" to "story" sometime when I wasn't looking.
  • Considering ThinkSecret got all of, what, one thing right this Expo (?), I hardly consider them to be a bastion of "dogooding" in reporting. After all, they deal in rumors, and they need to realize that they may at any time be the target of a misinformation campaign, a testbed for stupid ideas, the subjects of a hoax, and all sorts more. In other words, they should not take themselves so seriously. They're the best out there, but even their batting average is lower than Ted Williams'.

    One Response to "iApps Weren’t Free?"

    1. This is the difference between free journalism and for-fee journalism, perhaps.