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Herbal Essences

This little article is particularly interesting because I know a few Northwestern students. Weatherpop tells me it's currently 7 degrees in Evanston, IL - seems like a little "activity" might be a good way to warm up for the poor, "anon"ymous souls up there, Lightbox or not.

3 Responses to "Herbal Essences"

  1. Another use for a ball gag

    In the continuing saga of more uses for a ball gag (or maybe this is the start of the saga?),

  2. "And in return for letting me cling to my sad little fantasy, I will allow you to continue with the headboard-banging-beluga-whale-calling, provided that you do so in bursts no longer than 30 seconds and that these bursts fall roughly at 15-minute intervals, thus allowing me to pretend that what I am hearing is just an Herbal Essences commercial. Thank you." HAHAHAAHHA

    You need to read this.

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