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Switcher Mitnick

This article at talks about "cybercriminal" Kevin Mitnick and his recent journey back onto the Internet. It also contains this gem:

Mitnick hopes to replace the laptops with a 17-inch Apple PowerBook. While he continues to play with computers and technology, he stressed that misusing them is something he will never do again.

Wouldn't that make an interesting switcher ad?

3 Responses to "Switcher Mitnick"

  1. Actually, Steve Wozniak gave Kevin a PowerBook on TechTV's Screen Savers last night.

  2. Nah, that wouldn't be a good story for a Switcher ad. I thought Apple was supposed to be dark and dangerous? A bit wild, a bit crazy. "Cybercriminal goes straight, gets Mac" just sounds a bit dull to me.

    "Cybercriminal vows 'Now I'm using a Mac, they'll NEVER catch me! BWAHAHAHAHAHAA!'" would be much better.

  3. Does it bother anyone else that in this age of demanding privacy we are intruding in on someone so much as to be following his steps from using a toaster to using email and his next computer purchase? =)