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Safari, BBEdit AppleScript

I'm a big fan of AppleScript. After all, I do run AppleScript Central. So when things like this article pop up on the Web, I take note. Truth is, I've been using a similar AppleScript for a few weeks now (wow, Safari has been out that long?). Here it is:

set urlList to {"xxxxxxxxx"}
set textToInsert to "<a href=\""
tell application "Safari"
    set docList to every document
    repeat with d in docList
        copy URL of d to end of urlList
    end repeat
end tell
tell application "BBEdit"
    set theURL to choose from list urlList with prompt ¬
        "Insert Link from Safari window:" OK button name "Insert"
    if theURL is not false then
        set theTitle to text returned of (display dialog  ¬
            "Set title attribute to:" default answer "")
        set linkText to text returned of (display dialog  ¬
            "Set link text to:" default answer "")
        set textToInsert to textToInsert & theURL & "\"  ¬
            title=\"" & theTitle & "\" target=\"_blank\">" &  ¬
            linkText & "</a>"
        set selection of text window 1 to textToInsert
    end if
end tell

I use the "xxxxxxxxx" one when I need to insert my own URL but would like BBEdit to ask me for the title and link text.