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Acme’s Hearts

suck_it_heart.jpgHeh heh heh. Too much fun. If you want to create your own 's day hearts, head on over to the Acme Heartmaker for hours, errr, minutes of fun. Of course, if you want to buy these kinds of candies, get them from

I'm quite certain my 's this year will be spent alone, as usual. Even when I was dating Jessica for five years we had all of one V Day together. The guy in me wants to rebel against "romantic" crap like V Day anyway, but the sensitive guy wants to say "every day should be like V Day for the one you care about." Guess I gotta worry about finding the one to care about first, right?

2 Responses to "Acme’s Hearts"

  1. Annie and Phil

    Sorry it's spelled Anne but you can only have four letters on a heart 😉 I found Acme Heartmaker